Tyler Koronich on His Rapidly Growing Fitness Studio Franchise, Upcoming Book, and Coaching High-Performing Business Leaders

Tyler Koronich now has 30 rapidly growing national fitness studio franchises called TRV|FIT Fitness, which he built seven years ago. He also has an upcoming book, and high-performing business leaders from all over the world lining up to help them succeed. Tyler has all of these things and he is only 30 years old.

What he has achieved at his age feels impossible, but he did, and he is just getting started. 

Working as a full-time musician, he then transitioned to training and competing in MMA, which was his entry point to falling in love with, trying, and experiencing all modalities of fitness. Impacted by his own weight loss and healthy lifestyle transformation, he knew he had to help others experience change first through the community, then health and fitness.

So seven years ago, he took a leap of faith and held on to his dream and built a tiny personal training studio, TRV|FIT Fitness. Now, it has grown to become a national fitness studio franchise that is deeply rooted in the community first, health, and fitness second. TRV|FIT, pronounced as TruFit, has become a studio where any person walks in and feels welcomed. He created the space for people to get healthy, to heal, to connect, learn, get stronger, and what they all have in common, living their relentless life. 

Looking back at it now, he could never imagine he would be celebrating 30 locations today. Since then, he is known for creating and optimizing the health and fitness industry with a list of other brands he leads, such as TRV|Nutrition, TRV|FIT Apparel, and TRV|Performance.

TRV|FIT is not another fitness boot camp. He put up the studio with the primary goal of helping others build fitness into their lives through highly intentional performance and advanced health coaching. He constantly innovates to stand out from the rest. “We base our mature standpoint around real self-awareness and development first,” Tyler explains. “You can’t be healthy on the outside without doing the work on the inside, and go to war with your limiting beliefs.”

Besides making a mark in the fitness industry, he is also known as a development coach, speaker, and author working with high performing leaders and businesses not only to optimize their skill sets but also to design their days around flow and freedom.

It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. With their studios and coaching, they know each individual has unique needs and backgrounds, so they mold their programs for each person.

From fighting in the cage to posing in board shorts on stage to running marathons, competing in fitness competitions, and wrapping up a 200 RYT yoga teacher training, Koronich is still passionate about experiencing and challenging himself in all types of different sweats. After all, this resilience is part of the struggles he had to go through just to be where he is now. Growing up in a trailer, he never imagined this would become his life, and he is making it his mission to help others take control of their lives and turn it around.

He is set to release his upcoming book You’re Not Finished this year.

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