New Zealand Now Welcomes Tourists From All Over After Years of Strict Covid Lockdowns

With its Covid lockdown restrictions, New Zealand is one of the tightest nations in the fight against the pandemic; but the country has recently stated that it will open its borders to foreigners.

According to authorities, New Zealand has resumed all international inbound and outbound travel. While the government of New Zealand stated that its borders would be opened later this year, they have decided to open them three months earlier.

New Zealand was only accessible to a small number of nations in the first half of 2022, including Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The government implemented the most stringent Covid lockdown rules a year ago after confirming just one incidence on its soil. The New Zealand government then carried out several tests and established health regulations that immediately solved the problem.

The largest metropolis in the nation, Auckland, was infiltrated by the Covid delta variant. The city was placed under lockdown for a total of 107 days, which ended in December 2021, as a result of this development.

Even with the announcement, travelers still have to meet growing requirements. Here are some points to consider before planning your entry to New Zealand.

What are the rules to follow

The first thing visitors need is proof that they have been vaccinated. This is a requirement for all except New Zealand and Australian citizens residing in the country. More information can be found on the government website.

Vaccination cards, both electronic and paper, are accepted.

A quick antigen test must be completed by visitors on the day of arrival, albeit it need not be done right away when they arrive at the airport, according to the New Zealand Ministry of Health. Five to six days following entrance, another antigen test will be performed.

The authorities do not require masks when strolling outside. People must wear one, though, in enclosed areas like pharmacies, museums, and grocery stores.

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When is the best time to visit New Zealand

The country’s prices for goods have increased as a result of the inflationary rates. Nevertheless, Navigate Travel said that despite the nation’s inflation rate of 7.3%, the costs of various accommodations, tours, and activities are now more reasonably priced than they were prior to the pandemic.

The managing director of Navigate Travel, Daniel Painter, said, ″(A holiday in) New Zealand’s very cheap at the moment … Other than air travel, there’s never been a cheaper time to come.”

According to the country’s Tourism Department, the algorithm on online searches for New Zealand travel has significantly increased. “Online searches for international flights to New Zealand have increased 39 percent since the announcement, compared to pre-Covid searches,” said Gregg Wafelbakker, general manager of Tourism New Zealand.

“Travel demand to New Zealand has been healthy ever since the borders [reopened] to Singaporeans in May. However, due to flight availability, we do observe demand outstripping supply,” said Jeremiah Wong, the senior marketing communications manager of Chan Brothers Travel.

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Longer stays for New Zealand travelers

Because of the lockdown precautions it has implemented over the years, New Zealand has long been crossed off of many tourists’ travel wish lists. Now, bookings have begun to flow in, though, and they are for longer stays now that it is available to anyone.

“An eight-day New Zealand tour was a popular choice before the pandemic, but we are currently seeing more interest and bookings for our 11-day tour that allows travelers to take in the sights at a more relaxed pace,” added Wong.

Navigate Travel said that tourists “want the ability to be able to relax and not have to worry about things, but they also want to be able to get lots of bang for their buck.”

Thousands of tourists expressed their delight at New Zealand’s decision to restart its tourism industry.

Source: CNBC