The Hottest New Dog Owner Trend Is CBD Treatment

If you’ve been following the news at all recently, you’ve probably heard that the 2018 Farm Bill has been signed into law and that this is a huge development for the CBD industry. The Farm Bill was such a no-brainer that it managed to be passed even in these highly politically divided times; the Bill federally legalizes hemp, which means CBD is about to become the hottest supplement in existence — if it isn’t already.

You may have already heard about the dozens of potential benefits that CBD may grant the human body… but did you know that other mammals are receptive to CBD as well? Interestingly, one of the fastest-growing segments of CBD products is geared towards dogs! (Or more accurately, their owners.)

Our canine friends have an endocannabinoid system just like we do, and appear to experience several of the same effects. Since CBD is being seriously investigated as an additional treatment option for a wide array of human symptoms, there’s a lot of hope that it will be seen as an established veterinary option in the future as well. The major players in CBD retail are already catering to the market of loving pet owners who want to give their dogs and cats the best quality of life possible.

Finally, Rover Gets Relief

So, why are dog owners across the country dosing their furry family members with CBD? As mentioned, the hope is that your dog can gain the same benefits from cannabidiol that humans report — and the internet is ablaze with glowing anecdotal evidence and testimonials from dog owners asserting that it works.

People are giving CBD oil to their elderly dog whose joints don’t work so well anymore. They’re using CBD oil to calm the nerves of a feisty chihuahua who has too much anxiety. And they’re dosing it in Fido’s food in hopes that it will act as an all-around protectant much like a holistic health supplement.

Although the research on CBD is too thin at the moment to make any definitive claims (an area complicated by the fact that hemp was a Schedule I item until this month), there’s no denying that pet owners have fallen in love with CBD as a quality-of-life booster for their four-legged pals.

Choosing The Right Product For Your Pup

If you’re thinking about trying CBD with your dog, there are basically only two things you need to focus on: quality and dose strength. Reputable CBD companies will offer all-organic formulas with transparency shown toward their manufacturing practices. They’ll also provide several different product strengths based on the size of your dog’s breed. That way, you have total control over what your dog ingests, and don’t have to play guessing games when it comes to your companion.

You can start your dog off with 1-2 drops of their appropriate dose strength formula per day. See how they react to that, and steadily increase the dose if you wish. CBD is biologically extremely well-tolerated, which means the chances of your dog getting seriously sick — even if they somehow drink the whole bottle — are very low.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time with a dog knows what loyal, amazing creatures they are. The least we can do is to continue to look for things that can potentially give them a better quality of life and keep them full of joy. And if the meteoric rise of CBD oil for dogs is any indication, owners agree!