If You’re Having Trouble Getting Clients, Learn from Organic Client Expert Matthew J. Phillips

Matthew J. Phillips
Matthew J. Phillips

Many successful people have dropped out of school. Bill Gates, Aretha Franklin, Quentin Tarantino—heck even Princess Diana dropped out of school. They could have different reasons for doing this, but obviously, school just wasn’t for them.

The same can be said for Matthew J. Phillips, a nineteen-year-old who was born and bred in South Wales (United Kingdom). At sixteen, he took his GCSEs and averaged Cs across the board. He even flunked his business exam. After this, he had the option of continuing with school or not.

Matthew J. Phillips chose the latter option. See, at this time, he was heavily into fitness. He documented his fitness journey on Instagram, and the inspiring process he went through earned him a loyal following. He gained 50k followers to be exact, even with his peers at school, laughing at him for even trying.

After that, it became clear that he could make a living out of it. So he decided to leave school and start on the journey to becoming a qualified personal trainer. He did this so he could add more credibility to his social media brand and image.

Matthew J. Phillips’s parents bought him a course to become a qualified trainer. After passing that, he took to different gyms to gain experience. However, all the gyms charged an insane amount of money just to rent floor space. At this point, he wasn’t sure how he would proceed. That is until he came across a YouTube ad about monetizing your online presence. Intrigued, he bought that course and started applying everything he learned. He started closing several fitness clients over the internet and selling fitness PDFs.

Over time, Matthew J. Phillips started to realize that he had quite a knack for helping other coaches along with being a coach himself. So slowly, he transitioned into a businessman, offering his professional help to coaches, consultants, and mentors who needed help closing clients. He cracked the code and created a cold outreach framework to book more sales appointments and close more clients.

At this point, he was eighteen, and he was making £297 per hour. However, there were more heights to reach. And so he hired a mentor and took it up a notch. Now instead of utilizing cold outreach to book sales appointments and close clients, he had people reaching out and begging him to take them on. He created a program that shows coaches, consultants, and mentors not only how to master cold outreach to book sales appointments and close rotations of clients but to also master attracting clients. Master the art of inbound marketing not only outbound. This way you have waves of people reaching out to you and not you always need to search for them.

Matthew J. Phillips’s program, called Organic Clients, helps coaches, consultants, and mentors get streams of organic clients. His clients do not need paid advertisements, expensive software, webinars, or even a website. He helps his clients with something he calls the 3 pillars. These are the 3 struggles that you’re most likely to face. Once you conquer the 3 pillars, you will unlock the ability to effortlessly enroll clients willing to swipe their credit card until their wrist falls off on a week-to-week basis. 

Along with having a calendar stacked with sales appointments. 

Recently one of his clients made $7,000 in just five days. That’s how powerful his program is.

If you want to learn more about Matthew J. Phillips intriguing 1 on 1 program and how he can serve you, you’ll have to speak with him yourself here:  website.