How to Change Up Your Style for Autumn

There is something special about autumn with the changing of the colours, crisp weather and sunshine. While it is a lovely time of the year, it can also be hard to dress for because the weather can be unpredictable, but it is also a great chance to be stylish and an opportunity to change up your look. So, how can you go about doing this?

Make the Most Out of Summer Clothes

You won’t want to have to buy an entirely new wardrobe for autumn and, fortunately, you can still get good usage out of your clothes from the summer, especially ladies skirts which can look fantastic in the autumn months. Maxi dresses, midi skirts and summer dresses can all still be worn in autumn and you can simply layer these on those cooler days and add warmth up top.

Layering Tips

Layering is great for autumn because you can continue to use clothes from your wardrobe as well as adjust your outfit depending on the weather. You do not want it to look like you are wearing too many clothes, which can also be uncomfortable, which is why you need to make sure that you are using quality layering items that will provide enough warmth. You will also find it helpful to have items that are easy to take off, such as zipped hoodies, blazers, lightweight jackets and button-up shirts.

Essential Autumn Pieces

There are a few essential autumn pieces that you will want for this season that will be both practical and stylish. Lightweight knitted jumpers, ribber sweatshirts, jumpsuits, leather jackets and blazers are all ideal for this time of the year. You will also want to make sure that you have a pair of sturdy boots, especially for when you are out walking when the ground is often wet.

Key Autumn Colours

Colour is also essential and there are a few key colours that will allow you to fully embrace this time of the year. Orange (obviously), brown, beige, Burgundy, green and grey are all autumnal colours that you can use to look your best and feel cosy. You may also want to try a statement piece to add flair and personality to your look and a jacket or coat is a great way to do this, especially those that have texture or pattern.

Hopefully, this post will help you to transition into autumn and look and feel your best during this unique, special and beautiful time of the year.