How Mesén Around is Making a Movement Through Music

There is nothing more powerful and inspiring than a good song. Through a good melody, a resounding beat, and some impactful lyrics, songs can help carry emotions and send a powerful message to everyone who listens and seeks wisdom from it. One such artist who embodies this power is Mesén Around, whose music conveys messages of peace and love to his listeners.

Brandon William Mesen, more popularly known by his stage name Mesén Around, is an up-and-coming musician from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Through his music, Mesén aims to bring a positive message to the world and encourage them to spread love and kindness to one another.

After releasing his two hit albums Sex in the Sky in 2018 and Summer of Love in 2017, Mesén has been working on another masterpiece. After a year of teasing, he is set to release his third album, titled “Feels Good to be a Weird Kid”, this summer.

Brandon Mesén has always known that he was destined to be a musician one day. It all started off barefoot climbing the trees and singing with the birds. It’s the birds in the sky that got him to discover the sound of music. As a young kid, he would always go to his parents’ room, look at himself in the mirror, and envision himself playing his music in front of thousands of adoring, screaming fans. However, he always gets into trouble just humming along and tapping on the school desks and being himself.

He believes that this vision in his head and the music in his blood has kept sane throughout his life, and has always kept him going no matter what. Working on his dreams of becoming a Grammy-award winning musician, Mesén started his career on his YouTube channel, posting covers of songs like The Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” 

Eventually, Brandon Mesén branched out and started to write his own music, using the stage name Mesén Around. In his career so far, he has played over 500 shows and has appeared in over 100 radio stations. Recently, Mesén appeared in Juka Radio in Germany, where over 70,000 listened and tuned in as he played his hit songs.

Eventually, Brandon plans to win some Grammys and to tour all around Europe with the message of peace, love, and music. His new album, “Feels Good to be a Weird Kid”, is an ode to people who have been bullied and looked down on for being weird and different. Noticing that everyone nowadays is trying too busy pleasing others, he aims to encourage people to not be afraid of who they are. Mesén wants people to realize that it is okay to be different and that by seeing each other equally, they can all work to make the world a better place.

Ultimately, Mesén Around dedicates his upcoming album to the young kids of the world who will create the world’s future. As he mentions, “I believe everyone needs a little guidance in life with my music and words. I know that people won’t hide away from their emotions but only will express how they really feel. Anyone out there that feels alone, sad, and angry: this is a perfect message for you. It feels good to be a weird kid!”

To know more about Mesén Around, you can follow him at his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also stream his music on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.