Caleb Soliday Wants to Inspire the Youth to be Men and Women of the Future

Films have grown so much for the past century since its pioneering years. From film reels to digital editing, it has evolved into more than just a recording medium for news and documentaries. Films have become accessible, thanks to the internet. With Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Youtube, and the like, providing people with films that can be watched even through your phones, the opportunities seem endless. But the most important thing films have jolted upon the world is that it has begun to tell stories that leave a great mark on ordinary individuals. A guy named Caleb Soliday also thinks similarly. He believes that movies have impacted so much in his life that even though the waters have tested him, his boat has continuously sailed with the waves. Although at times it seemed rocky, he would always find a rainbow after the storm.

With this kind of optimism that Caleb Soliday has, he wanted others to feel the same way he did. He wanted to inspire people, particularly the youth and the young-at-heart. He fancied giving them the same mindset he has all throughout his life. “Be a man or woman of the future,” is what he says. Even though he was poor for most of his younger years, it should not stop anyone from dreaming big.

Drenched with humility, Caleb Soliday does not hide the fact that he was poor back then, nor does he wish to keep it in his chest of secrets. However, in his pursuit of greatness, he does not let his past define him. Caleb Soliday was a man of the future. Contrary to one might assume, he never longed to be rich and famous. He said that what he wanted to achieve in life is not wealth, but to provide the youth and the young-at-heart a beacon of hope. That even if the world appeared unsupportive, the youth must never lose sight of their dreams.

Despite the fact that Caleb Soliday has his eyes set on becoming a great inspiration to people, he remains grounded. He believes that in order for one to be a good example to the youth, he must also learn from others. He thinks that greatness starts from small beginnings. That is why Caleb could never say that he is special and distinct from his competition because he believes that his competitors are his mentors in life. For instance, he would watch behind-the-scenes footage on how some movies were made, so that he could learn from them, and apply his learnings in his own work.

Caleb Soliday is a man that one can take notes from. With his positive spirit and his strong desire to learn, coupled with a lot of persistence, any dream is within reach. It is the type of disposition that the youth needs right now, especially with the numbers of problematic teenagers on the rise. They need all the help they can get because today, the youth is projected to have the greatest impact around the world. If every young individual had Caleb’s temperament, the world would have been a much brighter place to live in.