Brute Fit: Optimizing Exercise Experiences and Mindsets Through Health Supplements

Brute Fit
Brute Fit

A person’s character is not a product of circumstance; it is what survives despite it. To come out of the other side of a rough patch with one’s head held high is an outstanding trait to look up to. As it is, Brute Fit was born from the shared mindset and relentless demeanor to overcome all obstacles that husband and wife, Taylor and Alisha Martin, have faced throughout their lifetime.

The two have always had a lifelong passion for fitness and medicine while assisting others in achieving their personal goals, which is best illustrated in Brute Fit and its lineup of products. Their business vision is to motivate and inspire people who find their current situation challenging,  yet prevail regardless of the status quo.

Anyone can embody the Brute Fit principle, as long as they keep continuing to succeed against the odds whenever experiencing a detrimental setback.

In essence, Brute Fit would not have existed without Taylor and Alisha’s respective journeys.

During high school, Taylor suffered severe injuries from sports that led to multiple surgeries. Instead of giving up, Taylor strengthened his resolve and relied on his persistence and determination to overcome his formidable uphill battle. To this day, Taylor is still carrying the same mentality as a healthcare provider, license pharmacist, and fitness entrepreneur, upholding the core principles of Brute Fit.

Growing up, Alisha has always been physically active, and her fascination for health and fitness keeps flourishing as years went by. Discovering the uses of fitness supplements, Alisha was determined to continuously learn about various ingredients and their effects on the human body. Through Alisha’s hard work and ingenuity, she created the perfect blend of ingredients that is effective and, at the same time, naturally sweetened and flavored for Brute Fit.

Sharing the same alma mater from Oregon State University, Taylor received his Doctorate of Pharmacy while Alisha received her Bachelor of Science in General Science and a minor in Chemistry. Later on, Alisha pursued a Master of Arts in Teaching with an endorsement in Health and Physical Education. Their love and passion for fitness brought them together and ultimately led them to build Brute Fit.

With products being formulated by a licensed pharmacist and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, the Brute Fit product line is carefully crafted with the best of intentions. There are no artificial dyes or sweeteners in their products, and each ingredient is backed by scientific literature.

Everything in the product is on the label because Brute Fit values honesty and transparency. Consumers can enjoy the effects of the products while remaining cognizant of the ingredients. The first product to launch will be Brute Fit Pre-Workout, which is naturally flavored, sweetened, and clinically dosed to enhance the consumer’s exercise experience.

The health of an individual is Brute Fit’s long-term goal. Therefore, Taylor and Alisha took the necessary steps to ensure each ingredient had a specific role in optimizing their consumer’s bottom line: achieving their fitness goals.

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