A Disabled Attorney due to Cancer, Stroke and MS

A Disabled Attorney due to Cancer, Stroke and MS
A Disabled Attorney due to Cancer, Stroke and MS

Here is the story of Daryl Halencak…

I am disabled.

Life was turned upside down after diagnoses of cancer, stroke, and MS.

Before my situations, I was on the ladder of my career: two legal offices, two title companies, elected County Attorney, bank director, activities in community charities, and running the family farm in rural Texas.

Now, I have a new direction: a published poet. I am a featured reader in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and California, even though I am a slow reader. For the readings, I practice scores and scores of rehearsals prior to events. It is not easy, but I make it stellar.

I am a native of Crowell, Texas, a small town tucked neatly between the North Wichita River and the Pease River.  I am a fifth-generation resident of this special landscape.  I published “Landing on the Other Side,” Staring Blue Eyes,” and   Rolling across the Plains”.

Poems colour the steadfast spirit of this region with vivid imagery and honesty. The books are rugged, untamed, passionate and diverse, like the Rolling Plains. My journey as a poet relates to my own survivor instinct. I use pen and ink to capture the spiritual essence and texture of in poetic artistry.

My works have been included in various publications in Texas, Oklahoma, and the Czech Republic. I have been a featured reader in the Oklahoma City writers’ community. I was invited to lecture in an advanced composition class at Oklahoma City University and Oklahoma Central University. In 2013, the 35th Annual Southwest Popular Culture and American Cultural Association in Albuquerque honoured me by accepting a paper relating to disabilities and poetry. In 2010, I gave a reading of my work for the 17th Annual Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Festival in San Francisco.   

When I write, I look into my soul to discover the true meaning of the places and people that are important to my life. I am on a spiritual adventure through my challenges with health and in a unique juncture with life and the universe.

Persons with these diseases may suffer confusion and physical and mental problems.  From time to time I have the same situations. I had to make changes to follow my passions. When I need assistance, my wife is my caregiver. Remember: we are survivors. We are strong. We must have new endeavours after our diseases. These changes are part of our lives, so we must have new lifestyles.

The Rolling Plains of Texas has nurtured and suckled my past six decades and I shall continue writing for the rest of life.

I love my world.