In the Spotlight, Daniel Light Shines Bright

If there’s one thing you could say about Daniel Light, it’s that he has always unapologetically been true to himself. He’s been keeping it 100% genuine all throughout, despite the fame and success that he has garnered through the millions of streams on his clean, non-violent, anti-drug alternative music. He continues to inspire his audience to be themselves and know that that’s more than enough.

The 17-year old entertainer and entrepreneur, Daniel Light is in the spotlight once again. After releasing his brand new song “Sunset” in March of 2020, Daniel has set his sights on promoting individualism and personal acceptance with his music, drenched in slick synth beats and throbbing bass. His songs are genuinely his form of artistic expression that aims to inspire his audience into accepting themselves to be who they really are.

Daniel believes that in today’s modern world, social media has imprinted a false sense of reality among young impressionable minds. Many teenage girls are upset with themselves and think that they’re not good enough because they don’t look like their Instagram idols or the latest trendy influencer, but little do they know that the people they look up to put on masks in the form of Photoshop edits and filters.

Due to the overabundance of drug use prevalent in modern media, many teenagers are putting their own lives at risk as they think it is a cool thing to do, and the only way to become popular. Daniel Light knows that all of these things are lies perpetuated by society and bad forms of media, which is why he’s here to break the stigma and help kids become comfortable in their own skin like he is. Daniel is here to set a great example by being himself and staying honest on social media.

Daniel Light promotes self-love and self-acceptance; he believes that teenagers and children alike should free themselves from the shackles of pretending to be somebody they’re not just to impress the people around them. Daniel acknowledges that it’s a horrible way to live, and he wishes to empower his audience into relying on his message of self-worth and self-acceptance.

With the massive influence that he has garnered among an impressionable audience, Daniel is using his platform for good rather than touting how much money he’s making or how cool it would be to abuse drugs and other illegal substances. Daniel Light isn’t about that at all, he preaches genuine values to his audience and promotes individuality. Not so many people in the industry are doing that anymore, everything and everyone has become so obsessively fake on social media to the point that they’re no longer themselves.

Daniel is making great strides with his movement, empowering thousands of lives through his music and influence. Day-by-day he is making a difference in the lives of young teenagers by just being true to himself,  so he asks if he can be real and vulnerable, then why can’t you?