Fresh Pawz, Combining Comfort and Fashion For Dogs

People consistently consider fashion as a way to express themselves. As it continues to grow and evolve through the years, it is inevitable for it to influence and spread into the pet industry. 

Throughout Christopher Cargnoni’s journey in fashion, he has always had a loyal dog by his side. Combining his respect for streetwear fashion and a life-long love for canines, he founded Fresh Pawz, an official streetwear brand for dogs. The brand renews the image of dog accessories by incorporating streetwear influence to an otherwise mundane product collection. Fresh Pawz enables your dog to complement the style you’re wearing by providing exclusive and innovative product designs that don’t compromise quality.

The brand’s selection includes dog clothes, harnesses and leashes, and toys, all of which are washable. The website offers an online catalog of all the products, with dogs in different breeds and sizes acting as models. There’s a sizing chart provided to inform you about the best fit for your canine friends, although the products are fully adjustable.

Buying pet supplies and accessories have mainly based on the looks and functionality of the product, with no regard for brands. Purchases are dependent on need, and the merchandise mostly turns out to be generic and have standard designs. Designed and developed to evoke a feeling of excitement and connection from the consumers, all products from Fresh Pawz are definitely unique. 

Fresh Pawz has been in partnership with MLB, NBA, Nickelodeon, Sanrio, Smiley, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Death Row Records, Care Bears, and more. The products keep on selling in major retail stores such as Target, Petco, Zumiez, and Hot Topic. The brand offers wholesale to brick-and-mortar businesses.

The brand’s website allows you to sign up and refer a friend. You earn a $10 reward when a friend uses your referral while buying. The person, in turn, gets 15% off their purchase. Different actions bring points that you can turn into rewards. Being a member shows more ways to unlock exciting perks and an all-access pass to exclusive rewards from Fresh Pawz. 

Fresh Pawz keeps receiving a lot of positive responses and reviews from customers, which are fully transparent on their page. You can attach pictures of your purchase (or your pets!) and then rate the products, or you can also leave a short comment. Moreover, their blog contains a lot of posts ranging from dog fashion, dog photography, and tips and tricks to keep your pets happy.

Aside from keeping your dog stylish, the brand gives back to the community by funding initiatives from the Petfinder Foundation. The public and non-profit organization aims to keep strays from being euthanized, and to find them potential owners. 5% of every purchase from Fresh Pawz will act as a donation to the foundation.

During an age where primary consumers are millennial shoppers set on purchasing products from a brand that matches their lifestyle, Fresh Pawz aims to become the Nike of the pet world. The brand focuses on bridging the gap between a human’s lifestyles and their dogs.