Bryan Pereira: Innovating 100 Percent Plant-Based Alternatives for Leather

Animal welfare laws are not prevalent in most countries; hence why the number of slaughters and animal abuses is astronomically high around the world. 

The leather industry kills approximately millions of animals per year, a sad and horrifying truth not known to many. Cattle are among the animals that are butchered for their skin. Once cows run out of milk and cannot reproduce anymore, they are skinned to make leather. Cows are maltreated and tortured and often skinned alive in dirty and bloody slaughterhouses.

Bryan Pereira wants to join the cause of putting an end to all of it.

Because of this drive, Bryan is launching one of their new luxury leather fashion brands named Designers Leather. Right by his side is his co-founder and wife, Amanda Silva, one of the leading supermodels in Sri Lanka. Amanda is a phenomenal woman: a celebrity, actress, and dancer with a well-rounded personality, and she has won many awards around the globe.

Designers Leather will focus on 100 percent plant-based leather. The company is currently still running tests on several plants to discover what will yield the best results for the luxury leather goods they are making. Their products will range from luxury wallets, caps, shirts, and sneakers. The company’s goal is for all their merchandise to be made purely out of plants and still maintain the qualities of real leather. 

Bryan and Amanda’s company want to help save these animals from being tortured and killed by going full vegan on leather. They hope that once their company launches and their merchandise are released, they can make a massive difference in providing people with better innovative plant-based alternatives to clothes than supporting the death of animals.

Aside from saving animals, the company also commits to helping children. Twenty percent of their profits will go to various charities in Sri Lanka, India, and the Philippines to feed indigent children. They also aim to build schools because they believe all children, no matter their financial capacities, have the right to go to school.

In the meantime, while still in the process of discovering their ingenious non-animal alternatives for leather, Bryan is making music.

Bryan is also a talented pop and country singer-songwriter. He recently released his single “Marry Me” with the help of Billboard producer Taylor Franklyn, a feat seldom achieved by many emerging artists. The single is a blend of pop and country with a dreamy mood and sound. Bryan is also a verified artist on Spotify. Bryan can play the guitar, and on his Youtube channel, he has a playlist full of emotional covers of his favorite songs. He conveys emotions well in all the songs he performs with his soothing and charming voice.

While he moves people with his music, there is still a hunger for Bryan to do more. Bryan wants to expand his compassion to places that need it the most. Bryan hopes to inspire people in the fashion, music, and modeling communities. By extending his reach, he can bring all these communities together and help save lives.

Head on over to Bryan’s Instagram to learn more about him and his company. Follow Amanda’s Instagram for updates.