Dagoberto Rodriguez on Finding and Pursuing His Passion

Dagoberto Rodriguez
Dagoberto Rodriguez

Sometimes, unpleasant events lead to good outcomes in the long run, whether directly or indirectly. In the case of personal injury lawyer Dagoberto Rodriguez, it was such an experience that brought him to pursue tort law and thrive in it. 

When he first came to the United States from Venezuela, he did not have much money to speak of, nor the knowledge of the language to speak with. Venezuela had been a difficult place to be in, and he left to find better opportunities to help his family.

Today, Dagoberto Rodriguez is a licensed lawyer in three states, two of which he passed the bar exams on acquiring. He built his own firm specializing in tort law—which covers personal injury claims—and called it Rodriguez Law Firm, PLLC. Thanks to his work, he has been able to entitle numerous clients to receive monetary compensation for their injuries, which would otherwise have gone unpaid.

Dagoberto Rodriguez has a passion for tort law born of an unpleasant personal experience that stripped him bare of his savings. He had been involved in a car accident, and despite it being the fault of the other driver, being an immigrant with a non-conversational level of English made him an easy target. The other driver’s insurance company exploited him and left him bare, and it was not until he was accepted in law school that he found out about personal injury claims.

That event had him paying for the deductible for the repairs of his car, as well as the insurance and deductible of the rental car he had to get to be able to work. He had been working in construction to earn funds for his law school education, and the incident had left a significant dent in his savings. 

Had Dagoberto Rodriguez known of personal injury claims at the time, he would have gotten a lawyer. Unfortunately, it was not until some time later when he learned about tort law as he entered law school. Still, there already was a seedling of interest growing in him—a seedling which, in time, will bloom into a passion that will fuel him through law school and beyond.

Ultimately, that experience resulted in a passion that, combined with an endless hunger for self-improvement, brought him to where he is today. That same passion led him to separate from his firm and build his own firm with a focus on tort law.

Today, he takes pleasure in working the cases he wants in a growing practice and a vindictive sort of pleasure in representing people who doubted the ability of one Dagoberto Rodriguez to become a lawyer.

While some people doubted his abilities, others had nothing but unconditional love and support for him. For this, he is immeasurably grateful for his family, who gave him unconditional love and support from which he drew strength to keep pushing forward.

He continues to help people with their personal injury claims to this day, and he has no plans to stop anytime soon. Get in touch with Dagoberto Rodriguez and learn more about him and Rodriguez Law Firm, PLLC, by visiting their website.