XiXELS Revolutionizing the Art and Entertainment World

Talk about an artist who paints possibilities and exploration or an artist whose mixed media creations have created an experimental platform. XiXELS stands apart in this regard because he understands art in its raw form and uses his unmatched level of imagination to his advantage. 

As someone who has lived his dreams as an artist, entertainer, visionary and entrepreneur, his collective works are the stuff most artists can only dream of. The art is ageless, timeless and immutable, much like XiXELS himself. He expands into multiple facets of the entertainment and art worlds while building his television portfolio. XiXELS currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his two dogs.

Such is the idea behind the creation of XiXELS, born out of life in its raw form, his compilations touch, color immersion all dance around possibilities. No doubt, XiXELS sees the world and the beings existing within as boundless and his art pieces speak to the infinite possibilities in all that is and could be. 

He has remained resolute in his effort which is aimed at expanding and revolutionizing the NFT industry. XiXELS’ art pieces have been described as immersive, music and passion-driven. And effortlessly, he produces and showcases his abstract artwork in digital pieces (now minted as NFT’s), large-scale paintings, prints and clothing. 

XiXELS is inspired by legendary art and media icons such as Pollack, Dali, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Groove Armada, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and recent artists like Android Jones. The many paths on the streets of New York, Miami, and LA have contributed immensely to his inspiration and creations for his pieces, each carrying their unique tone. His art stories are subjective and continue to change, innovating from a place of pride and promise. 

In his chosen line of business, XiXELS caters to NFT Collectors and crypto art buyers, basically anyone and everyone who sees the value in the new innovating process of minting Non Fungible Tokens as digital assets. XiXELS would like to reach art galleries and dealers while sharing the passion and drive within the community. 

On why he considers himself different from his competitors, he said he is technology-based and furthering that source to create new and empowered works of art. “I have been creating art for 30 years and have teamed up with some of the most talented artists and musicians on this planet.” He said. “At XiXELS, we strive to work together with these talents across the board to deliver high-impact art available as NFT’s.” 

XiXELS operates on imagination. “There is a renaissance beginning for creative types. And my passion and drive never to stop or give up. I would never stop dreaming or encouraging others to do so.”

In five years, XiXELS hopes to be at the pinnacle of his chosen industry, creating timeless art that goes on to leave his audience spellbound. He hopes to inspire the next generation of artists looking for mentorship and motivation, especially those just starting. 

To learn more about XiXELS, visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.