XiXELS Forwards Digital Art Movement Through NFT

The rise of technology in the 21st century transformed the way people think of art. The art itself undergoes a metamorphosis from being limited to walls of galleries and institutions. Technological innovations paved the way for art that is digitally created, stored, and distributed, which many know as digital art. Moreover, technology changed how the art industry operates. It altered the way art is created, promoted, bought, and sold. Recently, the latest craze in the art world is the booming of NFT, or also known as non-fungible tokens. Danny Lopes, popularly known as XiXELS, dived in and explored the new world of crypto art. Being an artist attracted to the new media, XiXELS learned to embrace new outlets to promote his craft further. The ongoing hype surrounding NFTs and crypto art got him interested to finally share his art with the world. 

For three decades, XiXELS have put so much of his time and effort into his work. Despite sharing it on many platforms, he almost gets nothing in return for his timeless pieces. With the entrance of the NFT in the industry, it transformed how people valued his art. Diving into NFT was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life because it made it possible to truly own and sell his art without the fear of other artists stealing his craft and making it their own.

As a professional yet unconventional artist for 30 years, XiXELS’ creative process is laser-focused on revolutionizing the NFT game. Many of his illustrations and art pieces take influence from his music and passion. His abstract works come from a place of visceral fortitude, which depicts surreal imagery. From large-scale paintings to clothing prints, his graphics include physical and digital spaces. In terms of art characterization, he uses hyper-realistic and stylized illustrations incorporating soundscapes and moving pictures. When asked where he gets the inspiration to create ageless and timeless art pieces, he said, “I am inspired by the works of legendary icons Pollack, Dali, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Groove Armada, Biggie Smalls, Tupac and recent artists like Android Jones.” 

At the moment, XiXELS reinvents himself and his art through NFT. As a matter of fact, this particular medium gives him the opportunity to explore deeper levels of his vision and transform it into tangible projects. With his art, he aims to create visceral emotions and driven inspiration. He is currently collaborating with a team of artists to make their art projects come to life. GLXY SRFRS, a story crafted by XiXELS, is already in motion. It is centered on power and technology and follows the teaming up of The SeXxY RoBoTs and The Undercover Aliens on adventures of art and music to save the world and drop entertainment.

XiXELS continues to nurture his art in the hopes to inspire and bridge an emotional connection between his art and his fans. Moreover, he will maximize the creative opportunity within the NFT space to innovate renaissance art further. If you are interested in XiXELS art, check out his Linktree