Author of “Theology for the New Millenium” Hassan Bfly Revisits His Introduction of Intellectual Righteousness

In 2017, Author Hassan Bfly released a notable book where he uncovers the reality of God’s existence from the vantage point of common sense and math. The book entitled Theology for the New Millenium: The Introduction of Intellectual Righteousness seeks to touch the lives of others by proving the existence of the creator. With all that is happening in the world today, Hassan is reminded of the relevance of his spiritual journey and revisits the path that led him toward intellectual righteousness.  

Hassan is a self-taught non-prophetic messenger of God whose spiritual journey started in the later part of 1994. By 1995, he attained an initial breakthrough in his journey. However, it was only in 2017 when he published his work Theology for the New Millenium: The Introduction of Intellectual Righteousness for the world to see. 

His journey as an author was inspired by the false dichotomy of faith and atheism. But more than that, his personal experiences of theological doubt led him to this path. At some point in his life, he found himself out on bond for some mistakes he committed. This experience pushed him to question his morality and look deeper into the laws of man and the laws of God. From that,  Hassan took the initiative to write down his thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. When it came together, the result was a marvelous book on modern theology.

Hassan’s book explores intellectual righteousness as “the thinking man’s religion.” For the author, intellectual righteousness is based on two facts and one opinion. The first fact is that God is to reality what zero is to math, and the second fact is that with God is Heaven or Hell. The one opinion is the importance of remembering the two facts. 

The book was received very well by its readers. Many reviews have pointed out how visionary the author’s mind was for taking into account the importance of both logic and faith in proving God’s existence. Hassan takes pride in inviting logical scrutiny and taking on the burden of proof in his theological work. Indeed, the book brings in many unique existential notions to ponder upon. 

Although born and raised in Washington, DC, Hassan moved to Los Angeles in February 2020. The move was prompted by some struggles he was facing back in his hometown. For years, Hassan has felt that he possesses the responsibility similar to that of a prophet, albeit not seeing anything “holy” in him. The lack of response from his friends and family prompted Hasan to find the right audience for him. 

Now, he calls Venice Beach his home. Hassan is still taking on his spiritual journey while working on lessening the confrontational and combative side of his approach and delivery of spiritual messages. Since the publication of his book, the author has also been exploring other ways to share his knowledge on the wonders of intellectual righteousness to more people. 

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