Ex Drug Dealer, Anthony Agyeman, Takes His Sales Skills to the Internet and Creates a Fortune!

What is it that Anthony does?

Anthony Agyeman is a young entrepreneur based out of Houston, Texas who has dominated the fundamentals of online marketing. He owns three automatic dropshipping stores, also does marketing, and has investments in different businesses. He has also gotten into creating stores to sell or take a percentage from the sales when it passes the store off to its new owner. 


How did he first start in the e-commerce world?

Murderous clothing (@murderousclothing on IG) was first established on January 1st, 2016. He won’t ever forget the exact date he made the most lucrative new year’s resolution he’s ever made. His resolution was to fully invest in himself and his future! Anthony and his friend decided to partner up and grow a clothing brand. They didn’t have any actual guidance but were able to piece it all together to make decent money online! Anthony and his partner invested in all the machinery needed to start a clothing brand from home and hand made every order that was placed. There was a lot of manual marketing that played a role in the startup of this brand. Anthony would directly message people and give them a discount code for purchase hoping this would entice them to buy from their store. Whether they purchased or not, he was still able to create more awareness of his brand to the world!  

A huge factor of the success behind his first clothing brand was using influencer marketing for the launch of their new clothing brand! Some of the hottest rappers and influencers got ahold of the t-shirts and the business was booming! Some of the top influencers that were seen in Murderous clothing were Lil Pump, Ronnie Banks, and Austin McBroom, to name a few. 

 After quite some time, his partner got extremely lazy and wasn’t contributing the same effort to the company like Anthony was, so he had to make a decision. Anthony chose to buy his partner out of the business so he can keep full ownership. 

This meant that Anthony had to take over the entire business’s operations and eventually got burnt out, leading to him getting kind of over the whole business.  After he started running the business by himself, he got burnt out and kind of was over it. This was a huge learning lesson for him later on. He was taught to start hiring help as soon as possible. This way it is much easier to scale your business and not want to go a little crazy in the process. 


What made Anthony put murderous clothing to the side? 

Since before the launch of his clothing brand, Anthony was actually selling drugs as his side gig. He knew one day he would drop this hustle but wasn’t really sure when. Around the same exact time that he started having full ownership of his clothing brand, he actually got busted with a large amount of cannabis while transporting it from state to state. He ended up getting arrested, but luckily, he was able to hire a great lawyer to avoid any avoid serious jail time. This was a huge wake-up call to him, but he knew he had what it takes to get his fortune back!


How did he get back in the game?

Considering all of his accounts were seized during the investigation, he had to resort to making money any way he can. Well not quite anyway, he wanted to get back in the online business game 100% legit this time. Anthony wanted no part in any business funds that would be brought in by selling illegal substances anymore. 

Due to his new criminal background, it was extremely hard for him to even be able to get a job to the point that it wasn’t even an option for him anymore. He maintained the clothing store but heard of this eCommerce method called “drop shipping,” from an ad online. He got extremely curious because of the low startup cost since there is no inventory needed, and well hey another way to make money online anyway so why not try it out?  So, he on to create his own high ticket dropshipping store and went through 6 months of trial and error. He lost thousands of dollars trying to figure out this business model on his own. 

Anthony knew it was time to take further action and make some investments in his education. He invested in a mentor and started to research sales psychology. Later on, he knew the financial and time investments he made were truly priceless. This combination helped him establish his high ticket dropshipping store, he went from only selling 3 to 4 products a day to 10 to 15 sales daily! Ultimately being able to generate 6 figures a month online!


What is his personal brand’s mission?


Anthony is making it his life’s mission to become verbal about his story, so he can shine a light on the fact that there is a way to make great money without the risk of jail time. 

He wants to spread awareness to the community about the different ways you can invest your money and become successful. He wants to help those who don’t how to get out of the street hustle or in fact prevent anyone from even starting that lifestyle. 


What is next for Anthony?

He will continue to have his stores automated as well as coaching his students on how to do it all on their own or helps to create the store and keeps a percent of sales. He has had a total of 23 students as of today, a couple of which have been able to generate 5 figures in a month already. Anthony also has invested in his money into ATMs and real estate for extra streams of income and possibly open to new ventures. 


3 Quick Tips Anthony would like to share with you:


  • Learn psychology – 


      1. It is super important to understand why people actually buy and choose one product over the other. You need to find a way to retain a long-term customer and make them happy buying YOUR products.


  • Hire a team –


      1. Once everything starts actually having a massive momentum, life and business can get crazy so to continue to move forward you need to just start hiring people. Creating a team will make everything simpler and will give you the capability of scaling your business quicker.


  • Remember your long-term goal/vision – 


    1. There is no way to stay away from having a bad day in business and because of this, we need to remember the long-term goal to keep the momentum alive. Your “why” will help you move forward each and every day no matter the battle. Creating multiple streams of income can also help, so if one business does bad that day the other one can still possibly make it better. 
    2. Because there is always going to be things that you don’t have control over but being a boss means you have to know how to find solutions to any problem you cross. Remind yourself of this long-term goal and you are going to do whatever you have to do to get there! 

If you are interested in learning more you can reach Anthony at contact@anthonyagyeman.com or @anthony_agy on Instagram.