Project Firefly Is Luisa Portugal’s Initiative to Bring Hope For The Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone puzzled about how things should be dealt with accordingly. While adults are busy finding a way to put food on the table of their respective homes, the little children in every nation are left helpless with absolutely no idea what is really going on.

The youth is the hope of our land, as the saying goes. If anyone aspires to change something for the betterment of our future, we must start within ourselves. After this, we are left with the responsibility to pass on the torch of hope to the children. By doing so, we also hope that whatever our forefathers have started, the children will bear the legacy and will continue what they have begun. A medical student has seen the importance of investing in our children.

Luisa Portugal, a medical student with a major in Psychology at New York University, has seen the impact of the current pandemic to the children. After having been able to observe the difficulties brought about by the global phenomenon, she spearheaded the creation of an organization: Project Firefly. Being the founder-director of Project Firefly, Luisa made it clear that the goal of their organization is to shine light into the life of every child and enlighten them about COVID-19. Their target is to help orphanages around the United States combat COVID-19 one state at a time.

During her years in the field of medical research at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, she started the project in an orphanage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she was born. She has been partnering with major institutions in New York City, such as Sheltering Arms, which cares for fourteen thousand children from all boroughs.

Luisa got inspired to start the initiative because she believes that all children deserve an equal opportunity. Regardless of where they came from, they deserve to take care of their health and plan for their future. She has aided kids by collecting COVID-19 supplies such as masks, hand sanitizers, food, and soaps. Her efforts have taught children through an interactive and caring experience to educate them on COVID-19 through online activities such as the importance of handwashing, social distancing, and wearing/making face covers.

Luisa wrote on their website six ways to make a difference beyond financial donations. First, donating electronics one no longer utilizes will afford the children an avenue to learn online. Second, by joining their online COVID-19 education for kids classes shows how adults support their cause and make the children more willing to participate. Third, donating COVID-19 supplies such as masks, hand sanitizers, and soaps are few of the many that could prevent disease transmission and maintain cleanliness. Fourth, giving the kids emotional support they need through video calls where one could help with their art lessons, reading sessions, or conversing with the children. Fifth, sharing this cause online will allow more people to be aware of this ongoing initiative to help the children in this pandemic. And lastly, participating in their online meeting to pitch ideas will give the group a broader perspective on how to maximize the resources they have.

She continuously reaches out to institutions and invites everyone to board on a journey that will provide for the children. Through their participation in this project, they will inflict the feeling of gratefulness and blessedness in the lives of the little angels. When children feel loved, they will give love in return. They will all the more be inspired to pursue their dreams and hopes for a bright future. Sharing our hearts to children is advocacy that Luisa Portugal took.

To know more about Luisa Portugal’s campaign in helping children combat COVID-19, visit her website, and follow her on Instagram.