Primealete Nutrition Is Committed To Easing Lives Through Affordable Nutritious And Delicious Meals

Primealete Nutrition
Primealete Nutrition

Over the years, people have become conscious of their health. As such, getting their hands on meals that are not only nutritious yet affordable has become a necessity. However, most people do not have the time to prepare their meals or are worrisome of the price tag that comes with these meals. Meal prep company Primealete Nutrition founder, Amine Zreik, understood the need for it and decided he had to do something. 

Amine Zreik founded Primealete Nutrition with the mission of providing nutritious packed meals for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. He was a bodybuilder himself and knew how tedious and time-consuming it was to prepare meals that fit their needs. However, he realized that it was not only them who needed these meals—other people who did not have much time on their plate needed it too. 

The company prides on understanding the needs of their customers and giving them their money’s worth. The company provides pre-packed fresh and Halal meals for as low as $2.69. They offer a wide selection of food that is not only delicious but also healthy and affordable. Some meals they offer include buffalo chicken with veggie rice, veggie burgers on onion buns, kafta sliders, chicken meatballs with fettuccine spaghetti, and sirloin tip side steak with veggies. Customers are also assured that they get the right amount of nutrition in their bodies without spending outside their means. Additionally, the company made available the nutrition facts per meal on their website.

For Primealete Nutrition, their customers should receive nothing but the best customer service experience, treating them like they are part of the family. As such, the company accommodates requests such as those from customers with diet restrictions. 

The company is committed to ensuring that every transaction goes as smoothly as possible. After all, it is the company’s mission to give people more time to work on other things—and a hassle-free transaction is of great help. Primealete Nutrition offers both delivery and pick-up options. They make sure to pack the meals in unique insulation bags to ensure it maintains freshness and high quality, even after reheating them in microwaves, stoves, and ovens. 

While most meal prep companies offer customers subscriptions, Primealete Nutrition allows its customers the freedom to order food only when they want to. Undoubtedly, people come back for their products and services, given their A+ grade customer service, as accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

With a revolutionary meal prep service like Primealete Nutrition, customers are relieved from worrying about getting proper nutrition and sacrificing both time and money. 

Primealete Nutrition is very attuned to its customers’ wants, needs, and problems to be solved, making it the #1 Meal Prep Company in Michigan. Since its founding, the company has hit a nerve in the meal prep market, selling over 12,000 nutritious and delicious packed meals per week, or 624,000 meals per year. Along with hitting a 7 figure sales in a year, the company also gave back to people by giving 5,000 children delicious and nutritious meals.

The company may be in its early years, but with its unparalleled dedication to providing nutritious yet delicious and affordable meals is a clear indication of the brighter future that is ahead of them.