Kinematics Physical Therapy: ‘Where Faith Meets Wellness’

Kinematics Physical Therapy
Kinematics Physical Therapy

Do you need someone to help you go through rapid recovery from injuries or relief from pain, but believe that there is more to it than just treatment? Or are you one of those who are looking for a clinic that believes that healing starts with Jesus?

Dr. Matthew Fujita brings his passion for his faith in his clinic, Kinematics Physical Therapy, in Norco, California. His service goes beyond just medical care as he talks about his faith, service to the people, and giving back to the community. Kinematics Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic clinic that’s designed to treat general pain, postoperative conditions, and athletic rehabilitation using well-researched standards of care. More than that, their mission is to help the broken and hurting come back to wellness.

Kinematics Physical Therapy believes that they treat, but it is Jesus who heals. Since the beginning, the clinic always strived to serve its patients as Jesus served the world. They provide evidence-based practice and take ownership of every patient’s well being. For Dr. Fujita, they welcome all who enter the doors of their clinic and are committed to serving the least of those who do.

“We pray for our patients if they want or need it, and we altruistically give and serve our patients until it hurts. We tithe our earnings back to the church, missionaries, and support local schools, sports programs, and clubs with both time and money,” Dr. Fujita shares.

Kinematics Physical Therapy is highly regarded by professional athletes as a “hidden gem” within the industry, they have high-profile clients such as Monique Billings of the WNBA team Atlanta Dream singing praises for their approach on genuine healing rather than most clinics that usually just treat athletes as if they’re on conveyor belts in an assembly line. “Trust is big for me, and this has been built since I’ve been coming here, and that’s a huge difference compared to other establishments. I am forever grateful,” she says in one of her testimonials.

They have a strong involvement within the community with the local school district, sports facilities, clubs, teams, and coaches. This allowed Dr. Fujita and his team to utilize their passion and education for rehabilitating athletes ranging from recreation to professionals.

They are not only just a clinic but a ministry. It’s an experience rooted in faith and service for others. The clinic is at the forefront of serving the people and continuously become a proactive, dynamic entity that can accommodate anyone in the city.

Aside from their constant supply of free bibles at the door, they also designed their clinic to be uplifting for anyone who opens the doors. They wanted to make sure that the level of care they provide to their patients is reflected even the moment the patient steps in the clinic.

The clinic also operates at the highest level of evidence-based rehabilitation, care, and attention to detail. So, not only are they rooted in religion and faith, but they also make sure you’re well taken care of.  For six years, Camryn Bynum the Corner Back for the Cal Berkeley Golden Bears has kept coming back to Kinematics exactly due to the attention to detail, patience, and care that every single individual receives at Kinematics. Camryn also exclaims that: “I’ve seen everyone from professional athletes to normal people recovering from injuries here and each individual is treated the exact same from the whole staff. I’m super thankful for my time here and how much they’ve helped me in my career!”

Their evaluations are evidence-based driven to fully understand not only the diagnosis of a patient but the biomechanical components that caused it so that every patient is treated as a whole. In every appointment, it only takes one to two hours for each patient to finish a program that is constantly progressed as the patient achieves mastery and re-evaluated for objective progression.

“We accept very little lag time in a patient’s care as Orthopedic treatment is, for the most part, a linear progression unless there is a complication and needs to be referred out to our affiliated physicians,” explains Dr. Fujita.

Their referral base in and out is a complete multi-discipline orchestrated medical ballet that includes MDs, ATCs, Strength Coaches/Personal Trainers, Sport Specific Coaches, Massage Therapists, and even other physical therapy clinics that have exhausted their options for the patient.

The staff and the people at Kinematics Physical Therapy create the bulk of the operations within it and is the heart and soul of the clinic itself. With their clients ranging from professional athletes to regular individuals who are in need of proper care, there are different voices singing high praises for their staff and Kinematics as a whole. WBC Lightweight Boxer Saul “Neno” Rodriguez noticed how everyone in Kinematics works so well together and said: “I think what stood out is how good everyone works together as a team to help their clients.” While Kawann Short NFL ProBowl Defensive Tackle from Carolina Panthers had this to say about Kinematics Physical Therapy: “What stood out to me was day one I walked in and the whole staff welcomed me with open arms and challenged me to work like hell but it was great to work from 1st day till the last day. I definitely got better.”

Kinematics Physical Therapy has become a hidden gem for professional and elite athletes. What other clinics can’t achieve, Kinematic Physical Therapy can as it combines faith, religion, wellness, and state-of-art treatments for anyone who needs it.