Kimana Neilstrong on Maximizing Fitness and Minimizing Injury

Martial arts help people transform their lives for the better – physically, mentally, and spiritually. But the journey towards the attainment of physical and mental disciplines goes a long way.

While there are many forms of martial arts, most share common similarities: for self-defense purposes. The most popular ones include Jiu-jitsu from Japan, Karate and Kung Fu from China, and Taekwondo, which originated from Korea – and all of these are practiced globally.

For Kimana Neilstrong, he took an interest in Taekwondo, an Olympic sport since the year 2000, and dedicated time to mastering the art.

Kimana Neilstrong is a certified personal trainer with specialties in corrective exercise and youth exercise. He is also a certified nutrition coach. He obtained his master’s degree from Long Island University (Brooklyn Campus). He graduated on top of his class with a 4.0 grade point average, majoring in Exercise Science.

As a martial artist himself, he has a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and he has been practicing for eight years. His Instagram account holds tons of videos of him training for Taekwondo. Kimana’s experiences have made him passionate about a movement that cannot be satiated. He also coaches people to become more flexible, jump higher, lose body fat, and gain muscle strength.

From his university education, specializations, and practical experiences, he has become well-equipped to bring martial artists and others to their fitness and health goals. Within the performance enhancement realm of athletics, he further specializes in plyometrics for jumping and flexibility, which all martial artists seem to want.

The sport of mastering self-control, Taekwondo, began as a means of self-defense through hand-to-hand combat on battlefields. Taekwondo follows five tenets: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit. Though none will probably ever face hand-to-hand combat on the battlefield, one would be able to defend themselves and their loved ones.

While planning to come up with future products, especially for martial artists, Kimana aims to help clients jump higher. His desire to help other aspirants has driven him to provide a monthly coaching program to clients. His online coaching serves people who need guidance, motivation, and the basics of losing body fat, increasing muscle size and strength. 

Kimana’s first flexibility product for martial artists targets the hamstrings and adductor muscles. Through this, people learn to kick higher and do splits without warming up comes with his three-month program. Anyone can benefit from his flexibility lessons. 

He also provides nutrition and training plans that people can purchase once and coach themselves. Nutrition plays a crucial role in maximizing fitness in Taekwondo. He encourages athletes to eat a health-promoting diet for adequate fueling for training and growth. Supplements may come handy in conjunction with the pieces of advice from experts such as accredited sports dietitian for optimal progress.

Working with someone in the field of Taekwondo limits the risk of getting injured in the process. While learning a new skill set and improving them is essential, the safety of a person is tantamount to such. Kimana’s online coaching and training plans give his clients the freedom to set their own pace while still being able to work on their goals.

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