JSJ Facility Services Offers Its ‘Disinfecting Cleaning’ Technology to Ward Off Any Virus

Your space says a lot about you and your business. It is a reflection of what you want to attract. So if you want to attract some moolah, maintaining a pristine and tidy workplace is not only desirable but essential.

In fact, the condition of the environment you are working in can actually set the tone of your performance. But despite being a key factor in running a business, cleanliness can easily get neglected, especially when things at work are going haywire. This is why you should leave the cleaning and the tidying to the experts. 

JSJ Facility Services is a cleaning and housekeeping company based in Pittsburgh. It specializes in the cleaning of apartment buildings, residences, offices, and business establishments. And as more and more businesses are bracing themselves for the “new normal,” proper sanitation has now become as indispensable as ever. JSJ Facility Services ensures not just your clients’ safety, but yours and your employees’ as well. 

With its highly advanced technical know-how in the cleaning sector, JSJ Facility Services has already become a household name. It also pays a lot of attention to the recruitment of its staff, the choice of its products, and the quality of the materials it will be using. On top of that, JSJ Facility Services is also environment-friendly, so it uses only ecological products in providing its services – at no extra cost, too. 

When JSJ Facility Services was founded fourteen years ago, it initially focused on property cleaning. But as the company was expanding, it decided to expand the breadth of its services as well. It now offers local cleaning services, building cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor cleaning.

But in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s most relevant service would have to be its ‘disinfecting cleaning’ where you no longer have to worry about the flu or the virus in your workspace. Proving to be solid, the company’s early customers still trust JSJ Facility Services up to this day. Loyalty is always a good indicator of just how well a business is operating. And so now, JSJ Facility Services is already running neck and neck with the other big players in the cleaning industry.

JSJ Facility Services offers quality cleaning and storage accommodations that meet your expectations – and goes beyond them as well. It understands that every client’s need is different because each client is unique. Whatever your request is, JSJ Facility Services is committed to listening to it carefully and understanding it better so that you are offered a solution most suited for your needs. 

The company’s main areas of activity are administrative offices, tertiary premises, apartment buildings, various industrial buildings (warehouses, factories, and reserves), parking lots, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, canteens, sports halls, and health centers. So if you own any one of those, and you have been putting off the necessary cleaning for way too long already, book a cleaning appointment with JSJ Facility Services now. You can leave the dirty work up to them. Just head on their website and choose from an array of services on offer.