Doctor Shirin Peters Leads the Way Towards Compassionate and Personalized Healthcare for Busy New Yorkers

Living in New York City is a paradox. While it is the perfect place to embrace cultural diversity and new life opportunities, having a hectic schedule in a busy city has the potential for significant health problems. 

This is the primary concern of New York City doctor Shirin Peters, who has spent years attending to health challenges faced by her fellow New Yorkers. Shirin leads the way towards compassionate and personalized healthcare.

After attending medical school at New York Medical College, she completed her residency at the former St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. In 2011, she began her own medical practice as a solo practitioner, and eventually founded Bethany Medical Clinic of New York. Because of the passion that Shirin and her team have for treating members of her community, Bethany Medical Clinic has grown steadily over the past nine years. 

Her established clinic, with its entirely female senior management team, has focused on listening to patients and offering them high-quality personalized care that is carefully curated to each patient’s needs. Bethany Medical Clinic now has six sites with over twenty providers in primary care, dermatology, psychotherapy, nutrition, and cosmetics. 

As a New Yorker herself, Shirin profoundly understands the unique health challenges faced by people living in buzzing cities like New York. She knows how the fast-paced and busy life of New York City residents often dissuade or prevent them from booking health appointments. With this knowledge at hand,  Bethany Medical Clinic has a more accommodating schedule, offering appointments at after-work hours and even on Saturdays to accommodate the busy lives of their patients. Further pursuing the goal of valuing their patient’s time, they have implemented other ways to keep waiting time at a minimum, while maximizing their level of expertise during health care appointments. 

The medical practitioners at Bethany Medical Clinic take a non-corporate approach in their medical practice: their services are personalized and more about giving compassionate care. They believe that primary care should be predictive, solving a problem before it happens, rather than reactive. With this notion in mind, their efforts are not merely focused on curing patients’ problems, but are more about helping them shape their own journey towards a healthier lifestyle and avoiding future problems. 

In addition, this medical clinic has a commitment to making positive change in the healthcare system to fight disparities affecting minorities of race, gender, sexual orientation,  religion, and more. “We believe that everyone has an equal right to excellent primary care, regardless of their background,” Dr. Peters “and its part of our mission and responsibility to show all marginalized communities that everyone is welcome, and that our care will be tailored to meet their needs.” This is a testament that their services are far from commercial, but are clearly rooted in compassion and acceptance. 

If you agree with Dr. Shirin Peters’s goals and would like to learn more about her and her clinic, feel free to visit their website, and follow them on Instagram for regular updates.