Paul Eliacin Fulfills Lifelong Dream in Filmmaking With New Movie “Up in Harlem” Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

All the time, a dream is only a wish, except a person takes action to bring the dream to life. Paul Eliacin’s interest and decision to actively pursue a career in filmmaking is one of those stories that should spur anybody to pursue their dreams. Without any formal training, all Paul did was watch big-name directors and filmmakers throughout their careers. Watching them was not enough, and he proceeded with getting to work on the sets of various movies, TV shows, and commercials.

His first shot at filmmaking was in Director Matty Rich’s Straight Out of Brooklyn. Paul then went on to work with Local 817 as a Theatrical Teamster in 1990. He worked on other films like Boomerang, One Fine Day, Conspiracy Theory, Men in Black, and First Wives Club, among others. The TV shows Paul Eliacin has worked on including New York Under Cover, Sopranos, Law and Order, and Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order SVU, which he has worked for the past 22 years. He also worked on The Week In Review, a highly-rated political talk show that aired on WRKS-FM in New York City with Bob Slade, Bob Pickett, Peter Noel, and James Mtume, and Charles “The Cut Man” Etheridge.

With all the experience he gained in the film industry, Paul Eliacin established his own production company called Up In Harlem LLC, under which he produced his first independent film titled, Up In Harlem featuring Ice T. The film is suitable for audiences of all ages and is one of the things Paul is proudest of in his life. While his interest in filmmaking existed, Paul Eliacin involved himself in other things, such as his work as a 9/11 First Responder, which has left him with a life-threatening respiratory disease that has killed several hundred first responders at the tragic site.

For his efforts at the 9/11 site, Paul has received letters of recommendations from the top politicians in the United States, including Senator Chuck Schumer and Governor Andrew Cuomo. In Paul Eliacin’s words, “While my competition in the film industry can largely boast about their accomplishments, I can humbly reveal that I am a 9/11 First Responder, who gave his life trying to rescue others. While I did some important work at that site, I don’t consider myself a hero. Also, despite the consequences I now suffer, I’d do it all over again in service to my country.”

Paul was motivated to build Up In Harlem LLC because of his dreams to make movies. He got involved in the process by working on different movie sets and working as a theatrical teamster. “I want to impact people’s lives positively while doing work that will make my family proud of me. I also want to bring people closer to God, for I know without God, I would not be in my position,” he says.

His five-year goal is to improve the standard he already set with his first movie, Up In Harlem, now streaming on Amazon Prime. And other streaming services. He also plans to publish books about his life experiences and produce a documentary film about the 9/11 tragedy for the 20th anniversary. With more than 300 unpublished photos and interviews and five hours of never-before-seen footage, Paul hopes to partner with a television network and release them to the public sometime later this year.

Learn more about Paul Eliacin on his company’s official website.