Shares His Remarkable Origin Story and How He Found Success

It is a commonly held notion that the most crucial period in a person’s life is their formative years. This is built on the idea that the values and principles, even the memories one gains during childhood, will be carried over to their adult self. And although some may disagree, serial entrepreneur JetSetFly recognizes that this belief holds merit. After all, his love for business started when he was only a student in the second grade.

Also known as Josh King Madrid, the inspiring 24-year-old is a highly regarded neuro-marketer, internet entrepreneur, public speaker, and internet personality. He has achieved outstanding accomplishments. One of which is earning his first million at only 19 years old. 

In addition, he has generated hundreds of thousands of leads via viral product campaigns, sold more than $20 million online, scaled numerous enterprises from the ground up, and built a massive personal brand following. Of course, it goes without saying that the multi-millionaire has accomplished many impressive distinctions at such a young age. 

When asked what pushed him towards the path of entrepreneurship, JetSetFly fondly recalls a core memory he had as a young boy. When he was in second grade, his father introduced him to the business world by lending him $15 and showing him how to buy beanies from China at wholesale prices. His old man then suggested that he could sell the products to kids at school to repay the loan and use the profits to buy the clothes and toys he wanted.

Candidly sharing the story, he said, “I went to school and after-school winter camp with the other kids, and I sold all the beanies for $5. I was instantly hooked. I have loved the game of entrepreneurship since that day. This one experience made me realize that I was able to get anything I wanted. I just needed to find out the right information and have an insane drive and work ethic.”

The unforgettable experience stayed with JetSetFly, which ultimately set a precedent for him to pursue a career in business. While studying in college, he came across psychology and there, he found that his true passion lies in the psychology of influence and understanding the way the human brain works.

Fueled by his discovery, the visionary decided to master neuro-marketing, and in 2016, he built an online business that grew at lightning speed. Within 100 days of starting, the enterprise was already earning 6-figures per month in online sales. As a result, the entrepreneur has obtained his first million at only 19 years old.

Six years later, JetSetFly is not only a renowned business owner and digital marketing expert. He has also expanded his horizons to the NFT space. He is the co-founder of PaperBoyz by, the world’s leading NFT news site.

JetSetFly’s incredible journey to success is proof that passion combined with hard work and discipline will catapult anyone towards their goals. As the insightful young man continues to grow his empire, he also aims to become an inspiration to others, especially the youth, to keep going after their dreams.