Meet entrepreneur Jose Gordo

Jose Gordo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, philanthropist and a worldwide business strategist. For more than 15 years, millions of people around the world have experienced a transformation of their lives and their businesses thanks to the sharp and focused vision of Jose Gordo. Jose has been noted as one of the best mentors for leadership, personal development and business strategy. He does this by combining all of his experiences in all areas of his life, past and present, to create a unique growth strategy, rich in nuances and daring. 

Two of Gordo’s most successful books include, “Dining with Millionaires” where military discipline is put into practice when creating success in business, and the Best Seller the “The 12 gifts of Dad” in which he gives 12 lessons of success in business and in the family, through an inspiring and educating story that a father shares with his son. Along with being a best-selling author Jose Gordo is also an active member of the ICF (International Coach Federation), a top international professional coach organization. As a member coach of the ICF, Jose Gordo has organized various seminars and training such as the “Millionaire Mentorship” tour which teaches mindset, leadership and decision-making in order to become a millionaire. 

Jose Gordo has touched the lives of many people, inside and outside of the (MLM) industry, developing them to become successful individuals capable of overcoming any personal or mental limitation. Jose has gone through many obstacles along with setbacks in his journey of entrepreneurship towards reaching his goals. However, it is how he’s approached these obstacles that has allowed him to be able to share his experiences with others. He is also a person who is aware of the difficulties that many people in the world experience, especially children without access to education or who are unprotected by society. For this reason, Jose Gordo has participated in various charity campaigns, has organized awareness and collaboration galas and has contributed school supplies, medicines, and toys to schools and children in various countries. According to Jose, “We are responsible for our children, but also for those who have nobody.” 

Jose Gordo believes in human potential and that people are capable of doing incredible things. This and his special love for Panama is what has made him become one of the greatest leaders in business strategy and personal development in Latin America. 

When being interviewed by Selecta Magazine, Jose describes himself as a simple man because his wishes are similar in essence to that of any other person. “As a father, one 

of my main motivations has always been to create a better life for my children, and although that has led me on many occasions to travel and work long hours, I have always had the need to have direct communication with them every day when I am away.” Jose Gordo is a person who seeks to do what he does best, a little better every day if possible, while being happy every day and helping others. It is this mindset that drove him to success and being an honest, dependable, and trustworthy businessman. To follow along with Jose and his entrepreneurial journey, click here