Luke Cervino’s Tips on Attracting A-list Clients to your Marketing Agency

It’s a rare opportunity when you happen to come across an individual who is practically connected to absolutely everybody. These are the individuals that are known for making things happen when you need them to, for example, this specific individual can get your business in front of  NBA or NFL athletes. Meet Luke Cervino, Founder of A1A Media and former college basketball star for William Paterson University. Luke’s company specializes in Athlete/Influencer Marketing, from growth campaigns content creation, and driving traffic. This is Luke Cervino’s advice on how to attract A-list clients towards your agency. 

Setting the Foundation 

If you own an agency or any business for that matter, you start to build a fundamental understanding of just how valuable attention really is. Not only does it put you in front of people that can buy your services, but it also lets your message and mission be heard. So how did someone like Luke Cervino Manage to grab the attention of these superstar A-list clients, let alone how did he turn that attention into a payday? 

Luke comes from an athletic family, growing up alongside his brother (Chaz Cervino) the two have a long history of dominating competitive sports. So it came at no surprise when Luke Cervino managed to go from high school sports to a full-time college athlete playing at university. Throughout college, Luke managed to build an extensive network of D-1 players from across the country, as well as getting to know insiders all throughout the sports world. When his college sports career started nearing its end Luke knew he wanted to stay in sports somehow, so that’s when he built A1A media. 

As Luke ventured into his first business at 26 years old, he managed to build a solid reputation for himself and the work he put out. In turn that would be the biggest key for Luke to begin Landing A-list clients. His reputation and network got him in the door and from there Luke worked his magic on every first meeting ensuring the values on both ends were met. When it comes to the client-agency relationships, Luke strongly believes it is all about building the relationship and earning trust first before you ever think about working with anyone. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid 

When it comes to attracting top tier clients towards your agency, there are a few steps most agencies just miss or get wrong. For example, according to Luke Cervino, one of the first mistakes he sees marketing agencies make is their outreach is not getting enough attention. If you‘re not grabbing the attention of your client, your business will struggle to grab the attention of A-list clients. The second mistake is overpromising results and under-delivering, as a rule of thumb Luke believes you shoulder under-promise and over-deliver. 

One of the many reasons Luke Cervino was able to scale his agency to the level that he has stems from his ability to avoid the mistakes most marketing agencies make. The level of credibility you will gain in an industry if you truly over-deliver is enough to make anyone wanna work with you, including superstar clients. 

Practical Advice Once Working with A-List Clients 

At the end of the day, once you successfully manage to get your foot in the door with A-list clients the most important piece of advice to be taken seriously is just be yourself. High-performance individuals whether that’s superstar athletes to multi-million dollar business owners they can read bullshit from a mile away, and if your entire game plan is to fake it until you make it you’re going to struggle. 

Luke Cervino is known in the sports world for his ability to bring value to anybody that works with him, if you want your marketing agency to do the same you need to bring serious value to A-list clients who not only believe in you but believe in your services as well. Last but not least, be a man of your word. If Luke has learned anything about working with top tier athletes it is to commit to what he promises.