Ian Northmark speaks on how he overcomes obstacles and challenges throughout his entrepreneurial journey

Ian Northmark is the founder of Northmark Wealth which is an asset management, investment consulting, and financial advisory business. Ian started Northmark Wealth in February 2019, and prior to that he was a top developing manager for a global fortune 100 company. With integrity and quality of work, Ian has transformed Northmark Wealth into an ever-growing company. With knowledge that a lot of financial businesses are operating with the wrong mindset, Ian has created a way to manage his clients money as if it were his own.

Ian Northmark has overcome a lot of adversity both inside and outside of the business world. Being a survivor of the Iraq War, Ian was lucky to have come home with all limbs intact and stable mental health. Witnessing the death of anyone is a challenge, but Ian repressed the passing of many of his colleagues and close friends during the war. Secondly, Ian faced challenges when he first started Northmark Wealth. Starting a business is difficult to begin with, but a financial business is often more difficult than others in the beginning stages. In wealth management, it is very difficult to gain trust when your clients have no performance history from the company. Most people decide to invest their money with big banks or financial firms, making it difficult for them to choose a smaller firm over a more well known one. By running the business on the premise of integrity, Ian has created strong relationships with his clients, which has expanded his business.

Success is all relative. The definition of success can differ from a person to person. To Ian Northmark, if he is able to help others achieve their financial goals, this is a huge success. Even if he’s not able to help millions of people and make millions of dollars, if he can make an impact in someone else’s life positively, this is success. Success isn’t measured by money or fame, it’s measured in how you lived your life. Did you live your life only for yourself? Or did you live for others as well. These are the questions he would ask pertaining to success.

Ian Northmark started his own business in February, 2019 because he wanted to focus on working with people that he wanted to. Prior to his business for the first 9 years of his career, Ian worked for a global fortune 100 company. It was in this corporate environment that he learned the fundamentals of wealth management and ultimately made the decision that he was ready to start his own firm. In his industry, people focus on working with high net worth individuals and wealthy clients. But instead of worrying about how much money he would make, he wanted to work with and focus on educating the millennial generation.

All of Ian Northmark’s previous employers were against working with millennials, mainly due to profit margins. When you work with wealthier clients and bigger account values, you make more money and the company makes more money. He didn’t want to focus on that. He wanted to focus on working with the millennials and the next generation. Although he may not make the most money now, with time, he feels that millennials will become the wealthiest generation of all time and money will come eventually. To learn more about Ian Northmark and his business, click here.