How Rudy El Patronn Treminio is taking over the automotive industry

Rudy Treminio is an entrepreneur who continues to beat the odds stacked against him every day by being the hardest working person in any room. Rudy is a marketing guru in the automotive industry, social media marketing, personal branding, and the CEO of an app. Rudy found the motivation to get started with his business because he wanted to defy all odds. He didn’t get a proper education growing up, became a young dad, and always felt as if he had to work harder than the rest. Rudy didn’t want to be known as just the “Car guy,” he wanted to become an expert in the industry so he dabbled into everything.

Rudy Treminio knew that by becoming an expert in the car industry and not only having the surface knowledge to sell cars, he set himself apart from the competition. In order to be a successful entrepreneur or business owner, one needs to be proficient in multiple areas of their business so that they can have hands-on experience with the customers and manage all aspects of their company.

One of the biggest challenges Rudy faced when starting his own business was the fear of the unknown. When many entrepreneurs first start out, they often don’t receive the overwhelming support they have hoped for as they are leaving the comforts of a 9-5 job and W-2 for a world of unknown and hard work. Rudy explains this as “Taking the leap of faith is the hardest part. Having all these questions of doubt. Are you going to succeed? Will you be good enough? What if you don’t make it? But once you overcome all of your fears everything will fall into place. You become fearless!”

Rudy Treminio is always working to constantly grow his business and expand it alongside the growing technology. We live in a world today where all the knowledge and information we could ever need to know is at our fingertips all day long. Rudy is relentless in the automotive industry and is constantly taking action in order to accomplish all of his goals which is his key to success.

Rudy is always trying to find new strategies to connect with more customers. This task became especially difficult these past few months during COVID-19, but it is Rudy’s dedication to his business, adapting to the current situation, and making new plans to move forward that drove him to be a successful entrepreneur. Rudy shares his tips on personal branding and how to become a better salesman, manager, and entrepreneur on his Facebook. To follow along with Rudy Treminio’s journey and future endeavors, click here.