How Joshua Newman came from nothing and turned it into something great with drive and determination

Joshua Brian Newman is an entrepreneur who refused to accept his circumstances, and constantly strived for greater and tried to find a passion for himself. Joshua is the CEO of Empire Wellness which is a company that works closely with a whole range of experts from farmers, chemists, doctors, and technicians to provide completely pure, clean CBD and cannabis strain-specific terpenes for therapeutic, medical, and recreational use. 

Empire Wellness’ products are formulated using top quality CBD derived from hemp concentrate so that the milligram dosage is carefully controlled, and the substance retains its potency. Their products are mostly available over-the-counter, and they are looking into expanding into a variety of exciting areas, including smoke and vape shops, dispensaries, health food stores, physicians and vets, and other medical facilities. Firstly, the team at Empire Wellness grows and harvests medical hemp on a large scale to produce plenty to go around. After this comes to the processing and extraction process, to ensure that their product is as pure as it can be. 

The team at Empire Wellness believes that natural, alternative treatments using CBD are the future of our world. Their vision is to create high-quality CBD and Hemp products that make the future a reality. Many may assume that Joshua Brian Newman is an overnight success, however that is not the case; it is his hard work and determination to create a better life for himself that got him there. What makes Joshua unique is that before he even started Empire Wellness, he started an e-commerce business with 0 dollars in his pocket. He acknowledges the fact that there is no “perfect” time to start a business, so instead of putting limitations on your own success, start now. 

When Joshua Newman was asked the importance of mindset when starting a business, he replied with “Mindset is everything. Every single day when I wake up I try to have a positive attitude and tell myself that I can accomplish anything today.” An entrepreneur’s perception of fear and success is also crucial to the trajectory of their business. Fear to Joshua is not having money to pay his bills and support his family. On the contrary, success to Joshua means financial freedom, and for his company Empire Wellness to be recognized worldwide.