Hearing the Voice of the Voiceless Through The Doe

For the longest time, society has hardly heard the voice of the marginalized. Worse, some of these marginalized groups are even silenced. Many relevant issues today are not profoundly talked about as people have already set their minds closed with their biases. The Doe seeks to make a difference in this unfortunate reality. 

The founder of The Doe, Milan Kordestani, is no stranger to the fact that television stations, magazines, websites, and other media channels often capitalize on the mainstream and the majority, leaving marginalized communities unheard. At 16, he was already writing for the Huffington Post and this experience helped him see the value of what he had to say. He saw how publication companies served an essential role in society as they fed readers with important perspectives and insights to challenge individuals to think differently and learn how others think.  

Milan realized how important it is to have a platform that can host thought-provoking topics whereby civil discourse becomes available. In realizing many are hesitant to share their stories or voices out of fear of social isolation, doxxing, canceling, and careericide, Milan quickly understood that anonymity may serve as an effective vehicle to elevate marginalized voices. This is how the idea for The Doe was born.

Through unfiltered narratives gathered from verified sources whose identities are safely kept hidden, The Doe intends to bridge the gap between the marginalized and the society. Moreover, the company also aims to spark civil disclosure through untold stories and narratives that are impactful to the lives of the people and that, ultimately, encourage readers to confront their preconceived notions and biases.

The Doe also makes sure that its platform is accessible to people from all walks in life regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. The company took the initiative for a one-of-a-kind subscription model, which accommodates a pay-what-you-want model where readers who wish to support but cannot afford to pay more can pay as little as $1 per month.

In supporting their mission, Milan also ventured into a clothing line for The Doe, which boasts of apparel pieces featuring designs intended to spark civil discourses that may be difficult to discuss but are necessary. These pieces reflect the monthly theme of the platform. These are clothing pieces that tell a story and ignite conversations. 

There are many publishing companies in the world. Still, there is none like The Doe, where anonymity is used as a vehicle to address relevant societal issues and to speak on behalf of the voiceless. By sharing people’s stories through anonymous narratives, readers are confronted with the painful realities that they may not be facing but are faced by others who come from the minority and marginalized sectors. 

Ultimately, the company seeks to give light to many relevant stories that should have media attention but have not gained the exposure it deserves. Milan and his company are passionate and driven to become one of the world’s most trusted publications. They seek to bring the world narratives that need to be heard and talked about. 

By breaking biases, speaking for the marginalized, and leading the way toward civil disclosure, The Doe aims to revolutionize the world of publication. 

To know more about The Doe, connect with them through their official website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter