Wayz Takes the Lead in the Mexican-American Hip-Hop Scene with His Album ‘Machine’

Wayz World, also more famously known as ‘Wayz,’ is a quickly-emerging, extremely talented rapper and actor born in Chicago and raised in Tampa, Florida, and is currently an unstoppable force in the hip-hop and rap scene. Since he has launched his career and stepped inside the gates of the music business, Wayz has become a force to reckon with in the Mexican-American industry through what he trademarks as, ‘Mexcellence.’

Wayz takes pride and inspiration from his Mexican-American heritage, being the 3rd generation in the family. Through his music, he wishes to reach across the world, but most especially, all Mexican-American enthusiasts of rap, hip-hop, and street culture. Wayz recognizes the inadequate representation of Mexican-Americans in the music industry, and he plans to take the lead for the rest of the aspiring artists who want to make it to the mainstream.

In October of 2019, he released his first album he titled, ‘Machine,’ a collection of awe-inspiring tracks, each transparently representing Wayz as a unique lyricist with rap skills that are at the top of the game. But before successfully dropping this album, Wayz had to navigate around some roadblocks in his past. It wasn’t a comfortable journey being raised in the streets. But despite the damaging experiences and the negatively influential people he encountered, he overcame the hardship and transformed himself into a new man. As he makes his music now, he draws inspiration from his history and doesn’t let anything stop him from making a future in the industry. Wayz prefers to have an optimistic perspective no matter what life throws his way.

The tracks on this album have underlying tones of depression, loneliness, isolation, and feeling withdrawn from all of the routines of life, which is why he named his album, ‘Machine.’ But he puts these themes in a different light because every word he wrote as lyrics emphasizes the message that no one has to go through life alone.

The tracks on the ‘Machine’ are, ‘On God,’ ‘Play wit’ it,‘ ‘Be a Man,’ and the title song, ‘Machine,‘. ‘He wrote ‘Be a Man’ specially for his dear son—a passion project in the best sense, a way to express his fatherly love and how he wishes only the best for his son.

‘Machine’ also features other awesome tracks like, ‘No Choice,’ ‘Dope Hole,’ ‘Perfect World,’ ‘Bad Boyz,’ ‘Strip Tease,’ ‘Not Allowed,’ and ‘Shut Down.’ Wayz included skits and interludes as well, namely, ‘Soulless Version of Yourself,’ ‘Pull Up,’ and ‘These are the Things,’ to help explain the ‘Machine’ concept in another direction that will tie it all together.

Wayz easily sets himself and his music apart from the rest of the rap, hip-hop, and street niche through his unique yet sublime vocal tone, gripping lyrics, captivating rap style, and his authentic passion for his craft that seeps through each piece of work.

You can find Wayz and his music on all major streaming platforms like Apple MusicSpotify, and Soundcloud, and make sure to follow him on FacebookTwitterSnapchat, and Instagram.