The Impact Studio Gives a Platform to Passionate People Who Want to Make a Change in the World

It seems that the world never runs out of bad news to give, and with all the disheartening information out in the open, it’s hard to keep the faith. But there are still people fighting the good fight and working towards causes they believe in. One series that gives these people a platform to talk about their passions and causes is The Impact Studio.

The Impact Studio was originally a podcast that has now been turned into a successful Instagram (IG) Live series hosted by All Things Good Co. All Things Good Co. is a media company that focuses on providing positive, knowledgeable content that people can learn from and use to better themselves. This is also the goal of The Impact Studio. The series was created by Zack DeMinno to serve as a place for real conversations to be had within the All Things Good Co. community.

Zack, as a host, gets the chance to chat with people that he truly thinks are making the world a better place. The episodes cover real topics through raw conversation, where the guests talk about topics they are most passionate about. 

The Impact Studio is the only platform that provides opportunities like this. In the sixteen episodes that were released when it was still a podcast, Zack and the guest of the episode have an impactful conversation that lasts anywhere from twenty-five minutes to an hour and a half. Where most conversations with movers and shakers take place in the form of three to five-minute interviews that do not give people enough time to really get into their passions, The Impact Studio treats their guests with the attention they deserve, and they’re given free rein to take the conversation anywhere they want to take it.

This format and the conversations that take place have now moved from podcasts to Instagram Lives, where the host and the guest can fully engage with the audience. And so that nobody misses any of the episodes, the recorded IG Live series will be posted on All Things Good Co.’s Instagram.

The Impact Studio features impactful people both on their IG Lives and their podcast. One of the guests was Taylor Bouchard, the founder of Ducklings Travel. Taylor is nineteen years old, and when she was ten years old, she was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation. Since her diagnosis, she had to travel to Colorado from Florida fifteen times for her treatment. She saw how much travel cost her and her family, and she realized that the cost of travel could prevent others from receiving the care that she did. That’s why she founded Ducklings Travel, which aims to aid families in need of financial travel assistance for the treatment of non-life-threatening yet debilitating medical conditions.

The Impact Studio wants to highlight more stories and people like that. They strive to create a platform passion takes precedence and where more people can learn about causes that matter. 

The Impact Studio’s episodes can be found on All Things Good Co.’s Instagram page.