Tanaka Tava Inspires with His Goal for Empowerment

Tanaka Tava
Tanaka Tava

Have you ever given up on your dreams because you thought you couldn’t reach them? Did you give up on everything because you wanted to do so many things? If you’re a jack of all trades but the master of none, it can be daunting to start one project for fear of neglecting others. But if you never start, you never finish anything. There are so many opportunities and possibilities for you out in the world.

This is exactly what Tanaka Tava wants to convey to the world. Tanaka Tava is the co-founder and CEO of Hustle and Motivate Entertainment Productions, a digital content organization that provides motivational, athletic cinematography and empowerment across the globe. Tanaka Tava is also an actor, author, podcast host, fashion designer, and keynote.

If it sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. This multitalented man is definitely a master of all trades. He’s living proof that whatever you put your mind to, you can definitely achieve. And achieve, he did. He has so many accomplishments and skills under his belt, and he’s still on the way to acquire as much as he can.

Tanaka was born in Zimbabwe and raised in Texas. He is currently a first-generation Baylor University student majoring with a double major in neuroscience (BS) and theatre arts (BA) with an entrepreneurship minor. This, again, it sounds like it would be hard to juggle, but Tanaka is definitely up for the challenge.

This inspiring and talented young man is a keynote speaker who uses his unique background and experiences to bring leaders, students, and peers alike to discuss the wonders and endless possibilities of the world. Thus, he is helping spark and start an important discussion around the world.

He also runs a podcast called Campus Cuts. He describes Campus Cuts as an intergenerational, multicultural show that brings together students, faculty, and community members from all walks of life to chop it up in the barbershop.

On top of that, Tanaka also has a clothing line called Iconic: Luxury Streetwear. Iconic: Luxury Streetwear is a multidisciplinary experiment. It was established in 2020 and was literally a vision birthed to reality, rooted in the maxim, “God created all in his image.” The clothing line is a medium that has been used to highlight the importance of self-expressionism, creativity, uniqueness, and individuality.

In everything that Tanaka does, his main goal is to strengthen people through empathy and practical action. With the drive to empower communities, his main impact is rooted in elevating the standard of collaboration, garnering innovation, and providing social impact in order to create opportunities for diverse population groups.

This goal informs all of his actions and endeavors. Tanaka’s passion is providing a domestic and global impact. And he is sure to achieve this because he is empowered with a dream and visionary pursuits.