Sammy Voit, teen actor, is not afraid to take risks behind the camera

The entertainment industry is in a constant state of flux and always looking for the next new talent willing to take risks.  What’s central to this change is the idea that versatility always pays off. Take the example of all great names from Sandra Bullock to Robert Pattinson, the Hollywood figures who took great risks at the expense of their entire careers and succeeded. 

Sammy Voit is yet another rising teen actor, who just at the age of 15, has gained much popularity and is on his way to stardom. Voit started his journey when he was just 10 years old through cooking shows like Food Network Star Kids and MasterChef Junior. Within five years, Voit not only made his way from television to Hollywood but also achieved tremendous success in doing so. 

Voit has worked alongside several industry giants including Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Géza Röhrig, and Matthew Broderick, which clearly reflects on his skills as an actor. Up until now, Voit has been featured in nine Hollywood movies apart from his roles in TV Shows, New Media, Commercials, and others. From acting in the popular TV series Law & Order and Homeland to his credited role as Naftali in To Dust alongside Géza Röhrig and Matthew Broderick, Voit has come a long way from being the “jolly little kid who cooks.” Voit along with following his passion for cooking has also expanded his creative boundaries, which resulted in him landing diverse roles in several TV Shows and Movies such as Uncut Gems, Happiness Continues, Blindspot and others. So Far, Voit has bagged sixteen primetime credits including  Law & Order SVU, The Deuce, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Americans, and Blindspot, which resulted in him winning four awards and one nomination. 

A versatile actor such as Voit, not only wins the hearts of his audience but also proves his abilities to the directing world,  hence becoming a choice of many. Voit has been open about his wishes to pursue much bolder roles in the future along with following his passion for cooking and, of course completing his education. 

Sammy Voit is one of those young actors who are willing to risk the unusual, who is not going to settle for the ordinary.