Rising Star K’Danye Is Taking the World by Storm with Her Latest Release, Rocky No More

Kedanieh Myers grew up writing songs when she was in high school, inspired by the music she often listened to with genres ranging from Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop, and R&B. She has always been a musician at heart, but her most significant influence came with hip-hop, where she eventually paved her own path in the Jamaican music scene. Taking up the mantle of K’Danye, she refined her musical prowess by figuring out the right sound that matched with her unique voice and personality. K’Danye eventually landed on the genre where she feels most comfortable, Conscious, and Lover’s Rock. Blending together the best aspects of both styles, she has found her own unique sound and continues to make catchy and meaningful songs that dominate the airwaves.

Standing out from the rest of the crowd K’Danye’s striking fashion sense is a sight to behold. Crafting her own fashion sense that harmoniously matches with her music, she has been seen performing in various places such as Kat’s Café, Red Light Café, Apache Café, and The Caribbean Student Association (Carbisa) events back in 2014.

K’Danye began to rise as an artist in 2018, where she was given the opportunity to perform at a live show on stage for the first time in her entire career at the GT Taylor Extravaganza in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. K’Danye also performed alongside famous Jamaican artist Michelle T.

In 2019, the height of her fame and exposure rose massively, allowing her the opportunity for paid gigs in various places. And 2020 is looking to be an even better year for K’Danye as she continues to make her music and make meaningful connections within the industry. She recently launched an EP called “Ms. International” following with 4 singles called “Mr. Poverty,” “Ready or Not,” “Brave Up,” and “Rocky No More,” all of which show how much K’Danye has grown as an artist.

K’Danye’s talents are shining through slowly but surely, and more and more people are bearing witness to a rising star. She puts her own unique twist to the music genres that most people have been accustomed to, improving upon the sounds of the music from different genres, K’Danye’s passion for music bleeds through her creative process and the sheer artistry of her songs. With her recent releases and the various gigs and musical appearances that she’s been scoring, it won’t be long until “Ms. International” goes worldwide, and what a sight to see it would be.