Queen Elizabeth II: an Icon of Pop Culture

The longest-reigning Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, told her subjects farewell before passing away on Thursday. As a result of the announcement, throngs of people flocked to different royal locations to pay their respects to the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth is recognized by most people on the planet, if not everyone, as the symbolic head of one of the most important countries in the world. So it goes without saying that the idea of producing movies and television shows on the Queen has caught on with the media.

The rich lifestyle of the British monarch has attracted a lot of attention in popular culture. The Queen has been portrayed by both weekend live entertainers and award-winning actors. Even animated movies portray the Queen in their works.

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Here are some productions of Queen Elizabeth II you might like:

The Queen

Released: 2006

Synopsis: The plot focuses on how Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family responded to the national tragedy of Princess Diana’s death in Paris. In the meantime, Tony Blair, the newly elected prime minister, implores the Queen to give a speech in front of the public regarding the incident.

The Academy Awards went to Helen Mirren, who played Queen Elizabeth II in the movie. The movie was additionally nominated for Best Picture.


Released: 2015

Synopsis: The cartoon movie is about Stuart, Kevin, and Bob’s effort to kidnap the Queen in order for the plot’s main adversary to seize the kingdom and the crown.

The movie was a box office success, making over $1 billion worldwide.

The King’s Speech

Released: 2010

Synopsis: The hardships of King George VI’s ascent to the throne following his brother’s unexpected abdication are shown in the film. The new King had to work with his speech and language therapist to get over his stutter.

In 2010, the film snatched Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

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Released: 2022

Synopsis: A short video honoring Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee that stars the iconic Paddington Bear.


Released: 2021

Synopsis: The movie is set during a Christmas vacation with the Royal Family and centers on Princess Diana’s dilemma on whether or not to end her relationship with Prince Charles, the reigning monarch of England.

2012 London Olympics Opening

Released: 2012

Synopsis: In the advertisement for the London Olympics, the Queen makes an actual appearance. The Queen is seen riding a helicopter above a throng in London with the famed James Bond by her side. The two then made a parachute landing on the Olympic Stadium.

Source: CNBC