Parviz Dov: Reaching Legendary Milestones as a Video Creator

Video content creators have been all the rave as of late as video streaming services like YouTube and TikTok have grown in dominance. Studies show that by 2020, users will watch up to 100 minutes of video content online per day. 

With video becoming the future of online content, video creators have been experiencing exponential growth in authority and influence. One of the players who has felt the positive effects of this is YouTuber, influencer, and video creator Parviz Dov. 

By trade, Dov is a videographer who creates videos for corporations and brand personalities. He is best known for his impressive timelapse videos. Still, He has also seen much success in other formats of film and video. As a content creator himself, he practices what he preaches. The video professional maintains a YouTube channel that has more than 5,000 subscribers to date and tens of thousands of collective views. 

Dov has also seen considerable success on Instagram. It was on the social platform that he got many of his breaks. Early on in his videography career, Dov would send direct messages to up-and-coming personalities and content creators to work on collaboration material. From that, he was able to form a robust network of clients and collaborators. Today, the filmmaker sees things come full circle as he is often now on the receiving side of such direct messages. His Instagram account has a certain level of authority, as over 16,000 people follow him on the platform. 

What makes Dov successful is his ability to merge cinematographic expertise with interactive storytelling. He is a natural both behind and in front of the lens. To him, it’s like there is nobody else around but him. Dov is also extremely talented when it comes to communicating messages well. In his collaboration video with YouTuber Casey Neistat, the film expert explained what a hyperlapse was to 13 million viewers in less than 3 seconds.

On top of his brand, he works on other people’s brands as well. He’s a constant favorite of personalities like Piano Around the World, hip hop star Jah Khalib, MOT, Nikita Ababiy, and UFC fighter Zarrukh Adashev. Dov has also done numerous collaborations with other influential content creators such as Spencerx, Casey Neistat, Sara Dietschy, Dan Mace, and Nas Daily. 

When Dov isn’t moving around the streets of New York shooting vlogs for his channel, he is jumping from city to city all across America busy doing client work. He serves musicians, businesses, large corporations, and influencers. 

Dov’s spectacular video weaving has put him on the radar of some of the most high-profile clients. All of them are looking to have AVPs, commercial videos, vlogs, mini-documentaries, or any form of video content made. 

When speaking on how to be successful, Dov believes that either inspiration or desperation will get you to where you want to be. Most of the time, he was positively desperate- hungry to achieve his goals and dreams.

To check out Dov’s videos, you can visit his website or follow him on YouTube or Instagram.