Karma the Game of Destiny Bridges Dating and Gaming into One Immersive Virtual Reality

Along with the rapid rise of the digital space, people are also beginning to form relationships in non-traditional manners. Socialization is now made more accessible for anyone across the globe, thanks to the internet. Leveraging on this movement, Rene Reyes and Robert Porter created a platform that merges gaming and dating into one—Karma the Game of Destiny.

Karma the Game of Destiny is the world’s first truly immersive game for adults. The players are not only given the opportunity to connect with others digitally but are also encouraged to meet and socialize in the real world. Indeed, the game is one of the most unique social and eco platforms in the digital space today. Currently based in New York, the geniuses behind the game aim to take great strides in the coming months to expand its user base and take the whole world by storm.

Karma the Game of Destiny allows users to meet their ideal partners while being fully immersed in the challenges as a player in the virtual world. Furthermore, the game provides players with an opportunity to showcase their authentic personalities through their avatars. The platform is one of the first of its kind today, and the founders are confident that it will continually rise.

Karma the Game of Destiny sets itself apart from other immersive games in the market today because of its ability to blend both worlds together. Users are given the freedom to develop their characters. Like other dating applications, users can then make their avatars available for socializing. Then it’s only a matter of swiping left or right to find the right match.

Additionally, one of the most exciting parts of Karma the Game of Destiny lies in how it presents over 200 portal experiences to its users. Players can also earn an income on the platform by becoming an ambassador. With such perks, Karma the Game of Destiny has harnessed over 200,000 downloads. The founders are also doing everything to boost the game to entice more users to be part of their eco platform.

As one of the founders, Rene Reyes, said, “People are not going to get it at first. They’ll keep trying to put it into a box and say, ‘It’s like this or like that’… in truth, it’s many things that already exist as well as a reflection of the internet culture itself and our time. But it’s way more than the sum of its parts. Hopefully, we get a long run, and people see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Over the years, Karma the Game of Destiny has captivated college campuses across the country. The game is further looking to expand to the global market and continually raise funding to do so. At present, the founders are eyeing to raise additional capital on Wefunder to up to $3 million soon. Robert and Rene are excited to have investors join them in their journey.

“Excited that people have responded so well to what we’re doing and yet there’s still more potential users out there and so much more we want to do with this social eco platform. That, for me, says the future is bright,” said co-founder Robert.

In the next five years, Karma the Game of Destiny aims to become a billion-dollar company and officially go public Nasdaq.

Learn more about Karma the Game of Destiny on its website.