Jimmy Dasaint: A Legend In the Hip-Hop Community To Look Out For

Every book always starts from a blank page before the first drop of ink touches the surface. A blank canvas that can turn to a masterpiece that can inspire people from different walks of life and bring them to a place of solace, Believe it or not, every single word from the prologue to the epilogue tells a story about the person holding the pen. For Jimmy Dasaint, the novels he writes serve as a reflection of the life he has led—from bruising his knees to getting back up on his feet and walking towards a better life.

Jimmy Dasaint is the author of the best-selling novel “Black Scarface,” which he co-wrote with Freeway Rick Ross. His book tells a story about a young man who aspired to become one of the most distinguished and most notorious kingpins in the USA. The “Black Scarface” series has gained recognition from various critics and readers all over the world. However, the success Jimmy has accomplished with his novel comes with an exciting background story.

According to Jimmy, he is not ashamed to share what inspired him to write his novel. “Black Scarface” is inspired by the trials he has gone through and how he conquered them. In his earlier years, he has made undesirable decisions that cost him his freedom—from being involved in the ruthless drug game, to getting shot ten times. Jimmy spent ten years of his life in federal prison, after which he faced a fork in the road. And while it is common for the society to view ex-convicts as hopeless deviants, Jimmy did not budge and decided to turn his life around and make the best out of the second chance he has gotten.

Jimmy’s successful novel “Black Scarface” is only one of the many award-winning books he has written. It was finally a breath of fresh air for him, but he did not stop just yet. Aside from writing novels, Jimmy has also written two featured films. In 2019, his documentary “American Hustler,” a TV series showcasing the impressive turnarounds in the lives of the urban community, gained recognition and was featured in Amazon Prime.

Moving forward, Jimmy is the founder of Dasaint Entertainment, a multimedia company in Philadelphia that produces books, films, and concerts. He also founded Urban Magazine, the number 1 Hip-Hop magazine in the greater Philadelphia area. Jimmy is also one of the top promoters for Live Nation, where he is the Lead Promoter for Springfest, Summerfest, Back-to-School Concert, and the highly anticipated Philly Hip-Hop Awards.

Jimmy is currently a CEO, an award-winning author, music producer, film producer, and entrepreneur. From time to time, Jimmy gets invited as a motivational speaker, where he gets to share his inspirational story with more people.

Jimmy is living proof that everyone has the power to change the course of their lives. Losing is a part of getting to success, and making a conscious choice of defeating your doubts is what will take you a step closer to your goal.

To know more about Jimmy’s works, you may visit his website here.