How Zara Harutyunyan became Hollywood’s Fastest Growing Natural Beauty Expert

In a society plagued by constant comparison to others through social media, one very well known aesthetic provider believes the key to her being the fastest-growing beauty expert revolves around her effort to enhance clients’ natural beauty rather than change it. Meet Zara Harutyunyan, founder of CRMC Aesthetics, she has been one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets within the aesthetics industry for years. Over the past few years Zara and her business have exploded with new growth and here’s why. 

Defining a Beauty Expert 

There’s no doubt that we are living in a trivial decade that has seen young women change their idea on beauty standards based on what we see on social media. Filters, Instagram Models, and Social media, in general, are a few of the components all adding to skew the perceptions that we have of ourselves and with it has climbed the demand for Beauty Experts in her industry. So what is a beauty expert? 

In real definition, typically doctors who specialize in helping you seek comfort in your own skin whether that’s through botox, Laser Treatments, or Micro-Needling procedures, and so on. In Doc. Zara Harutyunyan’s definition, a true beauty expert is someone who enhances your natural beauty rather than changing it. 

“I truly think allowing one’s natural beauty to speak for itself is key in the aesthetic industry,” said Zara. 

Why Everyone Loves Zara Harutyunyan AGNP-C

When it comes to growing a business quickly, there are 2 elements to a business that you will need. Loyal customers and a great team, both of which Zara’s company CRMC Aesthetics has alongside her natural leadership Esque traits. 

From the customer’s point of view, it’s impossible not to love Zara for all your aesthetics needs considering she will always put your health first. She is a strong proponent of taking the less is more approach, and prioritizing your health and wellbeing over turning a profit to maximize her procedures for every client. Overall, she’s definitely a fan favorite in the southern California aesthetics industry and her loyal client base can attest to this claim. 

But from an employee’s perspective … 

Zara’s employees have gone on to boast about how much of a caring individual she is. At her level, she continues to make time to personally connect with every employee, to ensure she is empowering them to become the best they can. It’s rare to come across a boss who has a real belief in her employees from a managerial team down to the lowest position Zara has continued to help every one of them grow in one way or the other. 

Having nothing but good feedback on both ends of the spectrum for Zara goes a long way towards showing you how dedicated she is to create an impactful culture at CRMC and the results have been impeccable growth for her company. 

What Contributed to CRMC Aesthetics Meteoric Rise?

By building a key understanding of what Zara’s company CRMC Aesthetics does as a business, it enables us to see just how fast her company grew to where it is today. Considering Zara built her business from the ground up as not only a minority in southern California but also a mother facing a daunting language barrier, makes her rise to success is much more inspiring. 

Coming from Armenia to pursue a better life for her family sounds like the typical American dream, but to come and dominate her industry one client at a time shows the type of work ethic her success took. When prompted about what she did anytime she faced challenges in life, her answer gave us an inside look at the type of mindset she had to develop to make her goals a reality.


“Remind myself it is okay to have troubles. To grow one needs to go through challenges, one never grows through easy paths in life” said Zara when prompted on how she overcame adversity. This growth mindset that she’s built around the obstacles she faced can be identified as one of the key factors for her success. Just like any other successful figure in life, they all had to develop a growth mindset to get to the top, and Zara Harutyunyan Founder of CRMC Aesthetics is no exception.