How King Buckley Lives a Life With Love and Purpose

Passion creates endless possibilities. As it continues to fuel one’s purpose in life, the desire to flourish against all the odds always prevails in time. For King Buckley, his passion defines everything he created for himself – living a life with love and purpose.

Hailing from the south side of Chicago, King Buckley was a former University of South Florida basketball player who spent his professional career overseas. As health problems compromised his dreams, it only paved the way for him to discover his raw talent in music. Now, an emerging artist in the R&B scene, King Buckley, has been known for his first single, Sexasode, which landed #77 on Billboard Top 100 Charts.

His interesting mix of melodic harmony and menacing vocals resonate on his current singles Remedy, Perspectives, Levitate, Prophecy, to name a few. With over eight years of experience as a writer, King Buckley creates a personal and distinct musical direction as his voice is very diverse, resonating to be recognized and remembered.

As a fashion enthusiast himself, King Buckley owns the fashion magazine, Regime, a fashion and lifestyle hub that is influenced by the music industry. It focuses on giving a unique style a voice since people have been adopting the lifestyle, music, and any expression in the context of art.

As the editor-in-chief, King Buckley admits that only one special issue is released every year. Looking at all seasons in fashion, lifestyle, and events and creating a recap for the year-end is what sets Regime apart from the competition.

Previously, the Regime’s print distribution was actively circulating across ten international airports. However, for King Buckley, it is about time to make the publication digital and be available for an online subscription. Currently, he is in the works of bringing the life of the magazine online with the Regime’s website.

Also, in the next issue, upcoming updates and trends in fashion and lifestyle are expected to make an impact on the people. With art at its core, Regime is bound to echo every passion with purpose.

Despite being immersed in his music and Regime’s comeback, King Buckley is still supporting the basketball association by acting as a consultant to Tabetha Plummer’s Represent International Sports and Entertainment. A former professional basketball player himself, he is well adept at the areas of assessment and recruitment of basketball players. 

King Buckley is driven by his passion for music and the love for writing. Besides, he also believes that living a life that revolves around love and purpose is essential to one’s success. As such, he always competes with himself and sees other people as an inspiration in mastering his craft.

King Buckley is a true artist who created an impact out of nurturing his passions in life. He is determined to teach the values of love, passion, and purpose by creating a culture that takes these values as tools towards success. With his upcoming songs and Regime’s comeback, King Buckley is more than just an artist to look out for as he is living a life filled with love and purpose.

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