Go Beyond Gambling for an Unforgettable Casino Experience

Online games of chance are not without their charm, but spending a day at a classic brick-and-mortar casino resort is an extravagant experience. Of course, there’s an abundance of games to be enjoyed, but they are not the only thing that makes the visit special. Besides chasing Lady Luck, you can indulge in many other fun activities as well. Let’s take a look at what else you can do while staying at a casino resort for complete and utter enjoyment. 

Savor the food

In order to cater to their customer’s every need, land-based casinos provide food that fits all tastes. There are all kinds of restaurants serving the most diverse dishes – from fast food to the world’s finest dining standards. Well-established casinos, like the ones in Las Vegas, for instance, often recruit top chefs not only to provide their visitors with outstanding cuisine but also to attract new players to both the dining and the playing table. 

Comps, i.e., complimentary items or services provided by the casino, exist to make the players’ stay as comfortable as possible so they would stay longer. On many occasions, the player’s club will offer a free buffet comp. However, if it’s a more elaborate meal you want, perhaps you can use your food comps to ask for a discount at a nicer restaurant at the resort. 

Enjoy a show

Much of the allure comes from the glamorous shows that take place at casino stages. You have the opportunity to see many famous names from all walks of life, from celebrity magicians like David Copperfield and Paranormal Mind Reading Magic, to stand-ups like Tim Allen and famous singers like Enrique Iglesias. 

If you’re arranging a getaway to a casino resort, take a look at what shows are lined up beforehand. Many people have started planning their trips around the dates of shows they would like to see on stage. For a group of friends having a bachelor party, a cabaret show would be a perfect evening’s end. 

Observe other people playing

When you feel you need a break either to pace yourself a little better, manage your budget or just learn a couple of things about your favorite game at the spot, take a seat at a table and watch others play for a while, especially if you’re a novice at betting. You’ll see that the perspective is much different than when you are actually playing, and things may become clearer to you as an impartial observer.

If it’s sports betting you’re after, most casinos have a sportsbook lounge where you can place a bet and watch the events on a large screen. However, if you only wish to observe, you should be able to do so without anyone bothering you, provided that you’re not occupying another bettor’s place. While you’re there, why not do a little research on sites like the BettingSpot and make sure you make a well-informed decision before placing a bet.

Have a spa day

Pampering yourself at the spa may be just what you need after a long night of gambling and adrenaline. Casino resorts have elaborate offers when it comes to having a spa day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to another casino and try out the spa (if there’s one in the vicinity). Feel free to shop around for better deals since you don’t have to be staying at the resort to enjoy the spa experience. 

Go shopping 

Perhaps shopping is not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about visiting a casino, but hey – while in Rome! You have many places to go shopping at, from small souvenir shops to extravagant brands lined up to form whole indoor high streets inside the casino. 

You’ll truly be spoiled for choice; from jewelry and clothing to cigars and gadgets, there’s something for everyone. And what better place to splash out, especially if you were lucky enough to score a win the night before. 

Visit an exhibit

Casinos are often themed, like the Luxor, where you can see Egyptian-related exhibits, or the Venetian, which showcases Italian culture. The choices are truly extensive, and if you feel this might be something that would interest you, you should definitely check it out.  

Final thoughts

This goes to prove it – you can have loads of fun at a casino besides actual gambling. This makes these resorts especially appealing as destinations for the whole family or a bunch of friends looking to have an unforgettable time. No wonder the Vegas trip has been a life-changing experience for many.