Everything You Need To Know About Rising Star, Hunter Powell

He may not be a household name yet, but his newest EP, “I Knew You”, will be soon enough. This EP is a fresh collaboration with top American record producer, Bkorn. Bkorn is best known for producing for Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Lil Kim, Chinx, Lil Wayne, and many more. Hunter Powell’s music is a blend of  R&B, hip-hop, and electro-pop with lyrics that comes from real situations. Every rhythm captivates the listener with its subtle undertones of sadness and emotional vulnerability. 

This 25-year-old singer and songwriter just recently released his latest single, Numb Thing last December. This year, Hunter is not slowing down anytime soon and he is set to release more songs this February which makes everything all the more exciting. His upcoming EP is his biggest release to date and everyone can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

Hunter released an exclusive look at his upcoming EP on his Instagram and shares a 30-second version of one of the tracks. It starts with a stirring piano melody then followed with hip-hop beats that will surely leave his listeners hooked. The track also has a visual counterpart with baby blue petals that forms a heart and then are slowly withering away. For sure, there is meaning in the flowing of the petals away from the heart and you’ll hear it soon from the rest of the tracks in the EP.

His EP “I Knew You” promises five tracks that show off his smoky vocals and songs that are perfectly layered with beautiful, R&B,  hip-hop composition produced into chart-topping hit songs. His teaser is a refreshing take of what the songs he usually puts out, a leveled up one and that’s for sure.

Hunter wanted to write songs that inspire people, something they can all relate to, and something that makes them feel someone understands. Aside from putting out new music on platforms, Hunter is also looking forward to performing to a bigger audience and read more stories that inspired others because of his music.

If this EP takes him to certain places he’s never been before, then it’s safe to say that Hunter Powell is already a phenomenon. There is so much potential with his music and his career. His songs are highly expressive and relatable. It talks about falling in love and the pain and anxiety that comes with it. Nowadays, there’s an unsaid realization that love in the modern world is complicated and Hunter’s songs reflect all these. 

At a time where more and more artists are getting recognition for the music they make and put out, Hunter Powell is continuing on making music that everyone in the world can love and relate to. We’re hooked.

Because of his collab with Bkorn, this surely sounds like something we’re willing to lose sleep for. While waiting for the full release, drop everything now and make sure you give that time for yourself to unplug and listen to his songs. 

His songs are now available for streaming on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple.

You can connect with Hunter Powell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @hunterpowell