Discovering Rising Singer-Songwriter Jack Powell

There are days when streaming platforms randomly bring about songs that you have never heard before but resonated with you wholeheartedly. You check the source, and you find out that they are an indie artist. They exhibit such talent that pulled you in at first listen. You find yourself listening to a different song of the artist, then another and another, until before you know it, you’ve already swept through their entire discography in one sitting.

As music streaming platforms are on the rise, so are the emerging indie artists who are excited to share their creations to wherever it could reach. Music, as proven by history, is an integral part of the human experience. Music has the power to connect strangers in the form of performance, be it singing or playing instruments. Looking through new music is like looking for a unique emotional connection.

If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a Jack Powell song.

Jack Powell is an eighteen-year-old music artist. He has the skill to write his rap and verses, and he knows how to tug at the heartstrings of his listeners. He spits out fire and goes hard on the beat, and he can transition to vocals at ease, while the accompanied melodies satisfyingly elevate the mood he is aiming to achieve.

Talented and raw, his hard-hitting songs have accumulated nearly four million streams on all of his music platforms. The music genres he’s actively creating songs in are Rap and Hip-Hop Tuga, also known as Portuguese hip-hop (Tuga being short for Portugal), as evident in his Genius profile. Displaying such an exceptional skill in music, Jack Powell is steadily heading to become the next music sensation.

Not only does his music capture your attention, but Jack also makes you feel worthy of attention. He makes music for himself and his experiences, but at the same time, he has his listeners on his mind. Balancing between making music for himself and other people is no easy feat, but Jack knows how to make it work. He can create songs within fifteen minutes, but he prefers to exert more time and effort into the music he makes because he prefers quality over quantity. For Jack, quality is evoking emotions from your listeners and connecting with them intimately.

While he is a musical genius, he is a softie at heart. Jack puts in efforts to interact with his fans and make them feel like they can trust him with anything they need. Jack goes out of his way for his fans because he knows the feeling of having no one, and he doesn’t want anyone, especially his fans, where he’s in a place to help, to experience it. 

Anybody and everybody willing to be vulnerable and face the rawness of Jack’s music are very welcome to listen to his music. Jack believes that feelings are what make us all human and that there is no need to curb or deny them. Because of this approach, Jack makes music that lasts lifetimes.

Jack Powell has accumulated nearly four million streams of his music on all his platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube. He also uses Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. He is a verified artist in Genius, where you can see all of his tracklists and annotated lyrics.