Despite Drawing Flak with ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Finale, HBO Impresses with ‘House of Dragon’

Game of Thrones is arguably one of the most popular series that HBO has produced in its entire history.

The series is just one of the many series that have allured viewers to watch until the last season. However, the series drew flak after the last season was released. Critics and fans were not happy with the conclusion.

But HBO will not permit its popular series be criticized; so it created, the House of Dragon.

The “House of Dragon” is a prequel to the “Game of Thrones” taking place around 200 years before the setting of the succeeding timeline. The series is basically about the family whose sigil is that of a dragon – the Targaryens.

It could be recalled that “Game of Thrones” highlighted the importance of Daenerys Targeryen, supposedly the last of the Targaryens, until Jon Snow’s real identity was revelaed in the latter seasons.

While there is much to reflect on whether to watch the series or not, the series surprisingly brings in big numbers for HBO. The “House of Dragon” debuted in August, and since then averaged around 29 million viewers per episode.

In contrast, “Game of Thrones” season 7 had 32.7 million viewers per episode while the season finale averaged 46 million viewers per episode.

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Increasing in viewership

Variety, an entertainment company, said that the “House of Dragon” has not slowed since, in terms of viewership. In fact, it is seeing week over week gains since episode three premiered.

When HBO decided to do a recast and a timeline jump in episode six, the House of Dragon saw a 3% increase in its viewership. The change in characters included the recasting of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Meanwhile, Parrot Analytics, an entertainment research firm, said the demand of the show is 64 times more than the average show released by different productions worldwide. Demand, in the firm’s metric, includes social engagements and downloads of a particular show among viewers.

After episode seven, the “House of Dragon” saw a 138 demand, which meant taht the global demand of the show increased 114% since its start until its peak.

The high numbers are registering despite the time slot of the series in NBC. The House of Dragon airs after “Sunday Night Football” which rakes in millions of viewers every single episode and is treated as the one of television’s highest rated broadcast.

NFL games are popular among audiences and the House of Dragon getting a high volume of viewership says a lot about the production.

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Reaching the finale

The House of Dragon is nearing its finale but so far, the show’s success means that the Game of Thrones brand is still in the running and sequels could be possible.

This is amid other competing shows like the Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Start Treak, Marvels, and Disney+’s Anchor.

Warner Bros. Disvoer and HBO are having a run for their money with the series. That is why the House of Dragon is gearing for a second season, and will air soon.

There is more place to burn in Westeros, and more dragons to get to know.