CRE Sam Smashing the Hip-hop and Rap Scene with ‘Grind Everyday BME’

Finding one’s passion is very important in achieving success in life. Despite all the challenges that will be encountered while realizing that passion, the sense of fulfillment and happiness that it brings are unmatched.

CRE Sam, CRE stands for Cash Runs Everything, is finding his passion through music. Originally born and raised in Jamaica, 18 years old, CRE Sam has recently moved to the US and is living the American dream for almost two years already. He excels in the sports of soccer, and, dreaming that someday he will make it to the US men’s national soccer team. However, for two years, he realized that his passion is in music, and he can express himself more in the form of rap.

CRE Sam and his family moved to the US in search of better opportunities. Despite being in the world’s most democratic country, his search for an identity and sense of belonging in the new home is still very apparent. As such, he finds solace in music, while creating and sharing his words to the youth across the US and reaching beyond Jamaica.

Coming from Jamaica, CRE Sam has been expected to create music in the form of reggae. Although he recognizes that reggae music shaped most of his childhood in Jamaica, however, he identifies himself as revolutionizing music through the beat and words of rap.

What separates CRE Sam from the American hip-hop and rap culture is his ability to communicate with his audience. As he puts it, my music hits straight to the dome, and most of the stuff I’ve done in life is in my songs; a lot of rappers don’t really have that.

CRE Sam’s newest single, Grind Everyday BME, has an upbeat vibe, giving more energy while teaching young adolescents like him the walks of life. He is actively sharing his passion through Soundcloud, wherein he pays attention to every feedback he receives from his listeners.

Even though still a newbie in the hip-hop and rap music scene, CRE Sam is determined to reach a wider audience across the US and also reaching his home country, Jamaica. He is eager to know how the American community responds to his craft. CRE Sam’s goal is to create connections so that he can bring his music to those who can relate to its meaning.

CRE Sam is currently working on new songs and is planning to release a debut EP to further bring his passion into the hip-hop and rap music scene. He is continuously learning from hip-hop and rap experts who are helping him with perfecting his craft. He wants to master the art of storytelling, to be the voice of the young adolescents like him, and to the people of Jamaica.

CRE Sam is looking forward to the day that he makes a name in the music scene. He aims to gain more listeners and transform them into appreciating the art of hip-hop and rap. He doesn’t want to be part of the status quo; he wants to be known as the one and only CRE Sam.

Check out CRE Sam’s single Grind Everyday BME on Soundcloud and Youtube. Let him know what you think about it.