Chris Evans on His Dog Dodger: ‘Loving and Joyful’

In an interview, Marvel star Chris Evans discusses his dog, Dodger, who is currently popular among the actor’s Instagram followers.

The Marvel actor, known for portraying Captain America, adopted the boxer-mix Dodger in 2015. Evans claimed that the dog’s name was inspired by a character from “Oliver & Company.” Moreover, the dog and Jinx, a dog food manufacturer, recently established a partnership. As a dog owner, Evans claims that the partnership surprised him.

“We’re always looking for different partnerships and ways to expand and have fun creatively beyond acting. For example, I had been giving Dodger the Jinx treats for a while, and he loved them, and then my business manager brought me this opportunity,” Evans said.

“When you sit down with the company, you get to know the people; it’s so nice to meet people who have a shared passion and seem like they’re doing something good in the world and helping. Then on top of it, it’s a great product. It’s an easy thing to get behind. So this just made perfect sense to me,” he added.

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To raise Dodger

Evans admitted that he previously owned a dog with the same name. The actor paid close attention to the American Bulldog, the previous Dodger. He claims that many people find it challenging to raise a dog. He continued by saying that the foundation should be taken seriously, particularly the dog’s health.

“I mean, it’s the responsibility of it, you know what I mean? It’s that you always have to be conscious of (the fact that) you’re building your life around that. So, whether you’re going to be out for a while or if you have long meetings, you always have to carve out time to go on walks. So, it’s a challenge. It’s an uphill battle, but I’ve always actually enjoyed that. You know, it takes my mind off of me,” he said.

On taking Dodger to sets and filming sessions: “Dodger’s been on many movie sets, and he loves being on set. He’s a real social butterfly, and everyone on set loves him. He’s good; and he’s a great mascot.”

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A dog dad

Evans stated during the interview that he doesn’t emphasize the dog’s size much. Evans treats all animals with the same level of joy and care, no matter how big or small they are.

“There’s something about him that feels like he’s just brand new, like a new soul. There’s something about him – it’s very fresh and vibrant and alive and loving and joyful and clean. And, I mean, both metaphorically and physically. He’s a very clean animal. But he’s just, I don’t know. There’s just something very bright about him, you know? His eyes are wide open. His heart’s wide open. He’s just a really sweet creature,” he said as he described Dodger.

“Dodger is a relatively famous dog, and he has no idea, and he has no clue, and he never can know. What a beautiful way to move through the world. What a clean way to move through the world.”

“I’m in awe of what a dog is. So I’m very humbled by what they offer us. The fact that it really can’t be corrupted. Do you know what I mean? No part of me has to worry that any of this will go to Dodger’s head. What an amazing thing,” the actor concludes.