Black Realz is the Next Big Name in Hip-Hop and R&B

One of the newest names to rise in the hip-hop and R&B space is Black Realz, also known as ‘Lyrikal Tha Infamous.’ He first started rapping when he was only twelve, a time when young Black Realz was performing alongside his choir at their local church. Not long after, he found his place in the music industry and evolved into a hip-hop and R&B rap powerhouse. Now Black Realz has made a notable career in the entertainment industry and continues to release music that is authentic to the bone.

Black Realz describes his ear for musical beats and rhythms as unique, and that it naturally came to him. At a young age, he was able to compose his first drum beats, and he recalls how he wrote his first set of lyrics in an old school journal. Throughout the years, he has continued to explore his sound. And although it has matured, he stays true to his craft.

Hip-hop and R&B is his real passion, which is no wonder why Black Realz keeps drawing in fans, followers, and rap enthusiasts to his music. And by committing to stay authentic and putting out inspired pieces of work, this multi-awarded battle-rap champion is able to keep his music versatile and fresh.

Black Realz has passed the sixth year milestone in his career, and he’s never been prouder of this incredible achievement. He has already performed for thousands of concerts and events across the nation and has collaborated with major recording artists as their opening act. Black Realz has made connections with famous artists like Bad Azz, Too-Short, and Ms. Toi, and the list goes on.

Black ReaLz has released four singles, and his most famous works are ‘Real One’ (2017), ‘Way She Movin’ (2018), which was also released on YouTube featuring L T Wigglez, and ‘Misunderstood’ (2019). And in 2020, he dropped his most recent single, ‘L T Wigglez Drop. All songs clearly reflect his solid style and sound. His distinct flow and beat continue to be unmatched.

Black Realz wants to be heard around the world, and when that time comes, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Listen to Black Realz on YouTubeSpotifyApple MusicSoundcloudFacebook, and Instagram.