Author Deontae Henderson Creates Kid’s Book About the Rise of Dogecoin


Bestselling children’s book author Deontae Henderson does it again. Henderson is known for taking complex situations and simplifying them for children’s understanding and enjoyment. That’s exactly what he did with “DOGE The People’s Champ”. Henderson said that he wanted to take what the popular cryptocurrency coin Dogecoin represents and means to so many and make it easy for anyone to understand. Dogecoin was seen as a joke or an underdog as Henderson likes to call it. This story shows that even though Dogecoin wasn’t seen as a serious factor in the Crypto world, through hard work and support from the people it became and continues to grow as the people’s champion.

Deontae Henderson is an American children’s book author and entrepreneur. A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Deontae earned his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Tennessee State University in May of 2018. Since the release of his first book in 2017 (To The Top) he has gone on to publish 16 books with a few of them being bestsellers. Through his stories, Henderson strives to encourage and motivate others to pursue the very best version of themselves. He also has the opportunity to engage and participate in numerous speaking events across the country. He is a young man that is truly determined to leave his mark on this Earth and is not afraid to embrace challenges. Deontae Henderson lives by a quote from one of his favorite speakers, Les Brown, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

Book Information: Available on major platforms, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, and more. 

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Instagram: justdeontae